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Why The "Right" Time To Get Married Is When YOU Are Ready!

Smriti Notani

Guest Contributor

Breaking news: there is NO “right” time for marriage. We really feel like having a word with whoever came up with this concept in the first place. Because, quite frankly, it sucks! And since we can’t do that, we will tell you exactly why you should believe us and not them. Get ready for an epic rant, girl...we have a feeling you will gladly join in!

1. Age is just a number

Umm, technically, if we can’t drink till we are 25 – why is it okay to be getting married at 18? How will we survive those seven years? Do the math, people!

1 time to get married

2. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop

Dear Aunty, so busy searching for a suitable groom for me - have you no other work? #LegitQuestion

2 time to get married

3. All my friends are married – so WHAT?

Just because all my friends are getting married, you think it’s time for me to get married too? How come you didn't think so when they were all dating and having sex before marriage? Why didn't you feel the need to compare me to them then? Suddenly my singlehood is such a curse!

4. Babies are not on the agenda!

Some people just don’t WANT to have a kid, okay? And even if I do want one, I'm in no hurry - I have other stuff to do right now. Like, you know, work on my career.

4 time to get married

5. “Your parents were married at your age.”

Times were really different, folks. And it’s way different now. Take that in for a moment.

5 time to get married

6. “Your body is ready!”

For sex? And I shall gladly have it. Don’t cringe at me, you brought up the damn subject!

7. “Don’t you want a fun wedding?”

Spend my parents’ life savings on a big, fat wedding for others to enjoy? No thank you! :-P

7 time to get married

8. Don’t-make-me-an-adult!

How do you expect me to handle the responsibilities of marriage when I can barely wake up every morning without growling? Some of us are just not ready for adulthood yet. Just get with it, world.

3 time to get married

9. Why do I need to prioritize work, right?

Yes, of course my husband will be earning. Then why do I need to worry about my career, you ask? Because I’m too much of a girl boss to be dependent on anyone else. But you may not understand that, and it’s fine.

8 time to get married

10. In the end, it doesn’t even matter!

Because none of the aforementioned reasons will matter when I’m in love. When the time is right, and I’ve found the guy I want to spend my life with...we will walk down the aisle. It won’t matter that I can’t even cook, and it won’t matter if we both aren’t rich. It will be about him and me, holding each other’s hand through this wild ride called life. And THAT’S when I’ll be ready to get married – because you know what, the time will be just right...for me. :-)

10 time to get married

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Published on Sep 01, 2015
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