Four Of Wands: What Do The Tarot Cards Have In Store For You?

Four Of Wands: What Do The Tarot Cards Have In Store For You?
As we head into the weekend, we bring you a short little tarot reading to tell you what the days ahead are going to be like!

Today’s Card: IV Of Wands

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Today is a day of magic and celebration! Romantic love abounds and shines bright around you.

If you are committed, are you ready to formalize those feelings and take them to the next level? Don't be surprised if things take a grand formal turn - you know what I mean! ;-)

If you're single, someone with marriage potential could walk right into your life. Yes, it will feel a lot like magic!

If you're invited for a party, celebration or impromptu get-together, you must make it a priority and go! Happy vibes will surround you everywhere, and only good things can happen from your evening out.

It's really simple. At the start of the weekend, you're being told it's time to balance those accounting sheets and books with personal time, celebrate with your family and your inner circle, and be open to love - the long-awaited, life-changing kind.

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