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12 Cute Wallets for Women that you would absolutely Flaunt

Apurva Lama

Guest Contributor

Cute wallets for women are not just a style statement, it is a very important accessory to stash away all that wads of cash and cards you possess. Whether you’re headed to the mall or to the grocery store, you will be more than thrilled to whip out these beauties in public. A chic wallet with pretty prints is all you need to spruce up the inside of your bag. Let’s look at some of the best wallets for girls and make money-spending more fun than it already is!

Here Are 12 Cute Wallets That You’ll Love

1. Floral Frenzy

cute wallets

Whenever we see anything floral or pastel...we come a-running! And there is no telling how much we LOVE this super cute wallet for its beauty and elegance. 

Price: Rs.999. Buy it here!

2. As If!

cute wallets

“Ugh, as iffff!” How many times a day do we say this? With this super cute wallet, now you can just hold it up against people you’d say that to. Oh, what a dream, makes not talking easy-peasy!

Price: Rs.1,695. Buy it here!

3. Roar Out Loud


We love anything inspired by our furry friends. This cute wallet for girls with animal print is no exception! 

Price: Rs.1,299. Buy it here!

4. Polka Dots In Pink


Polka dots are so much fun and when it comes in such a pretty color, how can we take our eyes off this cute wallet?

Price: Rs.503. Buy it here!

5. Minimal Musing


Polka dots are so much fun and when it comes in such a pretty color, how can we take our eyes off this cute wallet?

Price: Rs.1,299. Buy it here!

6. Paris Romance


Full of whimsical prints that will make you dream of Paris and dresses and falling in love. It’s so pretty, you wouldn’t wanna put this wallet back in your bag! This is definitely one of the best wallets for girls.Price: Rs.790. Buy it here!

7. Funky Reindeer


The vibrant colors and funky prints in this one are guaranteed to lighten up your mood...and your bag. Is it Christmas yet? These super cute wallets are sure to lighten up your festivities!

Price: Rs.760. Buy it here!

8. Shine On

wallet8This cute wallet for women is a wallet by day and a chic clutch by night. This badass wallet in a glittery golden hue is the best wallets for girls who live by the “work-hard-party-harder” mantra.

Price: Rs.650. Buy it here!

9. Threaded Love


Perfect for the free spirit in you, this threaded beauty with earthy tones is the perfect blend of cute and cool. This cute wallet for women can surely make spending glamorous!

Price: Rs.700. Buy it here!

10. Mezmerize!


Deliciously peach with a metal accent and cut-out details. You might be able to hypnotize someone just by waving it in front of them. One of the best wallets for girls. Must. Buy! 

Price: Rs.599. Buy it here!

11. Mob Love

cute wallets

Revamping the classic black wallet with a funky print...we are totally diggin the sisterhood message resonating on these super cute wallets.

Price: Rs.1,090. Buy it here!

12. Bow Love!

cute wallets

Light pink combined with a bow. Do the math! Cuteness overload and definitely the best wallet for girls who love everything pink! 

Price: Rs.2,500. Buy it here!

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Published on Sep 18, 2015
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