Slim down with these amazing weight loss tips!

Slim down with these amazing weight loss tips!
Losing weight is easy. Promise. Pukka promise, cross my heart and hope to die. All you have to do is follow these simple steps for weight loss. Do it consistently whilst you are on the journey of how to lose weight. Be patient. The scales will show your weight dropping. And THAT dress will fit again!! :) 

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1. Swear off the white stuff!

Start following this simple weight loss tip from today. Swear off added sugar. Except for your birthday. Or a once in a (rare) while cheat day. To start with, give it up for two weeks. Go cold turkey. Ditto for refined carbs. Once again - this is “oft given and seldom taken” kinda gyan. Follow a simple mantra for weight loss: if it’s been refined to death, you will skip it. White rice, white pasta, maida. You will make an effort for the whole grain version for weight loss. As a bonus - you will stop eating carbs post 8 p.m. :-)lose weight easily

2. Control your portions for weight loss

We end up eating way more than we think we do. It’s a harsh truth. Walking by the kitchen and snacking on a handful of crisps. Dipping into your man’s plate of pasta… Stop. Eat off a smaller plate for weight loss. Serve yourself less than you usually do. Stop picking up food and snacking endlessly between meals. Include protein and healthy fats in every meal for fast weight loss.

lose weight easily

3. Some gentle exercise, please!

An article about how to lose weight is incomplete without this. There’s no need to go nuts in the gym for weight loss. By all means, do so if you enjoy it.  But for the purpose of losing weight, you just need to start moving a bit more. Go for a walk. Do gentle stretches, a few surya namaskars. The 7 minute workout. Go dancing. Whatever you do - do it every day for easy weight loss.lose weight easily

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

At the risk of sounding like your mum, we need to say this - drink lotsa water for weight loss. Hydrate religiously. Coconut water, green tea, green juices, vegetable juices, herbal teas. Water infused with lemons and pudina. (Skip fruit juices, though.) Keep your fix handy and keep sipping. A glass of water before a meal keeps you full and aids in weight loss too.. Every time you think you are hungry - drink a bit - you could just be thirsty!lose weight easily

5. Sleep (and relax!)

This one is the most important for weight loss!!! Get to bed by 10.30. Get 8 hours at least. People who don’t sleep enough tend to gain weight. Meditate before you fall asleep. Take time out. Ban the screen before bedtime. Once in a while, stop what you are doing and simply breathe. Live in the moment. 

lose weight easily

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