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8 Simple Tricks To Look Amazing In Office (Even On A Budget!)

8 Simple Tricks To Look Amazing In Office (Even On A Budget!)
Want to look like a million bucks without spending a fortune? This little shift in the way you manage your wardrobe can make you look upmarket and polished at work. Keep these simple points in mind to impress the socks off everyone you meet…

1. Dry Cleaning Is The Key

wardrobe look expensive Love your white pristine shirt but cannot manage to keep it spotless? Spend as little as Rs.100 to see your shirt go from yellowish-white to a crisp white beauty. You can try this with most clothes in your wardrobe; you get new clothes without the added effort and compliments from your colleagues without investing much!

2. Stay Away From Too Much Bling

wardrobe look expensive All you ladies who love glitter and can’t get enough of it - too much bling is a big NO for the office! Score some simple but elegant jewellery with Tanishq Mia’s rich but sophisticated range of jewellery. Designed for today’s urban, independent woman, these jewellery pieces project power, confidence and taste. Brownie points to the collection for being affordable. Highlight your outfit with just one statement piece instead of a jewellery overdose. Remember, sometimes less is more!

3. Get That Hairdo

wardrobe look expensive “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” - as Coco Chanel rightly puts it, a good hairstyle can take your oomph factor to a new high. Keep your hairstyle sleek and neat at all times and you’ll be making heads turn like never before. For days when you have an important presentation, a simple, neat updo or hair pulled back in a slick ponytail will give you a professional, sophisticated look with minimal effort.

4. Fight The Cold In Style

wardrobe look expensive Investing in a good jacket is totally worth it! Choose the color wisely - a black structured blazer or even a camel coloured one gives you that extra edge. What’s more? It can be paired with almost every formal outfit. Walk away from anything frilly or something with too many accents (big buttons, metal etc) as they can make you look tacky.

5. For The Footwear Cabinet

wardrobe look expensive Try adding suede or faux leather pumps to your professional wardrobe. These are timeless and always looks classy. Give those huge buckles a miss and go for ultra-fine detailing. Sides of your shoe chipping off? Instead of tossing them away, try repairing them. Steer clear of patent leather please!

6. Appropriate Lingerie

wardrobe look expensive Bulges and bumps can simply ruin the look of a formal outfit and form a bad impression in the office. Go for inner wear that is the right size, goes with your outfit and one that is comfortable at the same time. For example, wearing a pink bra under a white shirt is a no-no. A thong under a pencil skirt or a fitted pair of trousers is great since it leaves no impression and compliments your skirt/trousers as well.

7. Thrifty But Nifty Sunglasses

wardrobe look expensive You don’t always have to go for the big branded stuff, even your local street vendor could be holding on to a brilliant pair of sunnies; you just have to look. You’ll be surprised to find the same branded pair of sunglasses you saw in a glossy magazine at a streetside store. Just make sure they don’t have any fake branding on them and pick a colour that is subtle and not over the top.

8. Tailored To Perfection

wardrobe look expensive Couldn’t find your dress size at that branded store but want it really bad? Buy it! It will look stunning once your tailor alters it to fit you perfectly. Really like a blouse or jacket you saw Sonam Kapoor wearing? No problem! Just get everything you like stitched from the friendly neighbourhood darji and you’ve got the same superstar glam by spending much less money. Images: shutterstock  MUST-READ: New Job? Here’s How To Start Fun Conversations In Office! MUST-READ: #BreakTheRules: 10 Things You Absolutely CAN Do At Work! * This post is sponsored by “Mia by Tanishq” ​Mia by Tanishq has been particularly designed for working women, who until now did not have much of a choice with formal jewellery. All the pieces are crafted in 14K gold, making the collection of over 300 designs durable and lighter on the pocket.