16 Things He Does When He’s Really Into You!

16 Things He Does When He’s Really Into You!
Ladies, most of us are always constantly wondering if he’s really into us... And if he is, then just how much does he like us? We can’t help it - we’re just wired to think like this! And in this day and age of online dating and apps to swipe left and right if you like or don’t like someone, can you really blame us? We help make things a bit clearer for you with these few hints. Only YOU can tell for sure, of course, but here are a few signs that he IS really into you!

1. He Texts You A Lot

There’s no ego or any of that “I texted first the last time” nonsense with him.

signs he is into you

2. He Calls You Before He Sleeps

And then of course you chat for ages and don’t even care about all that lost sleep.

3. He Likes Hugging You

While you’re watching a movie or even just like that. His arms are constantly reaching out for you and you love it.

4.  He Listens When You Talk

And actually pays attention and remembers those teeny-tiny details that you mention in passing. He can give your bestie some serious competition!

signs he is into you

5. He Worries About You

He worries when you haven’t gotten enough sleep and are working too hard and is always texting to ask you if you’ve reached home safe. Aww!

6.  He’s Always Making Plans

You know he’s into you when he’s always trying to meet you even if it is just to hang out for half an hour! It shows he wants to see you.

7. He Fights With You

If you upset him or he does something to upset you he cares about setting it right rather than not being bothered about talking about it.

8. He Doesn’t Shy Away From PDA

Guys generally do, but he does subtle things like grab your hand or kiss your cheek when you’re around friends or in public.

signs he is into you

9. He Makes Plans For The Near Future

He invites you for his friend’s birthday next month or tells you he wants to watch this movie he’s been waiting for that releases like 2 months from now with you. Okay, it’s not marriage plans or anything, but at least you know that he expects that you will still be together in the coming months - and it’s not just a passing thing for him!

10. He Goes Out Of His Way

He tries to impress your bestie or drives completely out of his way just so you have a ride home. You know he’s there to help you out.

11. He Talks To You About Life

Where he wants to be 10 years from now, what he regrets about his past – he doesn’t shy away from serious conversations with you.

12. He Pays Attention To The Details

He knows how you like your coffee or buys tickets for that movie you said you wanted to watch a couple weeks ago.

signs he is into you

13. He Teases You

About the silly things you do that he still finds cute, but loves getting you worked up about!

14. He’s Protective

He hates when lecherous strangers stare at you, and sometimes drives you crazy with his suggestions about you carrying a protective stole or something. You squabble with him constantly that you dress how you want, but you appreciate that he cares so much about your safety.

15. He Cares About Your Aspirations

And pushes you to follow your passion and perform better in your career. He calms your nerves before a big interview or helps you perfect that big presentation you have to give in front of your boss.  

16. He Tells You He Misses You

Even if you just spent the whole day together. (And it just melts your heart!)

signs he is into you

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