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Four Girls. One Hour. And A Store Full Of Clothes…

Four Girls. One Hour. And A Store Full Of Clothes…
We POPxo girls love to shop! Whether it’s online, thrift shopping or even that once-in-a-while designer outfit - we simply can’t resist loosening those purse strings for what we love. So when the nice people at Reliance Trends offered to let us raid their store, we obviously jumped at the offer!

reliance trends fusion collection

Our fashion team divas - Apurva Lama, Divya Sharma, Kritika Rathi and Caroline D’Cruz - visited the Reliance Trends store in Delhi and what followed was a series of fun incidents. So fun they forgot all about their working Saturday. They live to tell their tale…

Apurva Lama, Fashion Writer

reliance trends fusion collection

Store-hopping is always fun - whether you’re shopping or just browsing to see what’s new. Getting to the store in Dwarka was a bit of a task for me, since I CANNOT do directions or maps, but it was totally worth it! In an age of fast fashion, Fusion is a welcome change with its unique prints and designs. The collection is, as the name suggests, a juxtaposition of western and Indian designs.

My look: I picked a marble print shirtdress as my outfit. The little shoulder detailing and the print gave the shirt dress a boho feel…and boho is my absolute favourite! I accessorized it with a silver statement necklace and paired it with my black flatforms. I felt the dress resonated my personal style. Looking forward to another fun day out!

Divya Sharma, Fashion & Lifestyle Writer

reliance trends fusion collection

If only all Saturday mornings were this much fun! Absolutely loved the colours in the new Fusion collection, but since red is a personal favourite of mine, I just couldn't stop myself from trying on this dress! Fell in love with it during the shoot and obviously couldn't leave the store without it. So? So I bought it! Yes, despite promising myself not to shop for at least two months, I gave in to temptation #sigh.

My Look: I like to keep it simple! I paired the dress with a nude heels and my favourite oversized gold studs. Perfect for a casual day out that could turn into dinner and drinks! Which is why it's right up my alley. ;)

Kritika Rathi, Fashion Writer

reliance trends fusion collection

Travelling 26 kilometres on a Saturday morning to Dwarka wasn’t my idea of fun. But how wrong I was! The Reliance Trends store offered a host of things to choose from. Picking out a single outfit from the Fusion collection was tough because the blend of desi with modern silhouettes and the bright colors completely resonate with me.

My Look: After looking through the entire collection, I stumbled upon this black wrap-around pant and it was a definite favourite! Loved the coral top with just the right amount of bling, perfect with the  orange trim on the black wrap around. Add some gold and you are all set to go out and shine!

Caroline D’Cruz, Fashion & Branded Content Editor

reliance trends fusion collection

Every day is a good day to go shopping. And if you live by this mantra, you’ll have a cupboard full of clothes you rarely use...just like me! So I headed out of the house with a big smile on my face and great expectations from that Saturday. I wasn’t disappointed! The Reliance Trends store in Dwarka is huge. An entire floor dedicated only to women? - the kinda stuff I dream of! The Fusion collection caught my eye as soon as I entered the store. It was bright, it was colourful and it represented both Indian as well as western wear to the T.

My Look: I picked a bright yellow shirt dress (which can double up as a kurta) to go with this really cool calf-length skirt. I paired these with my plimsolls and a layered necklace to complete my fusion look. Did I have a good time? I’d say it was a Saturday well spent!

Photographed by Wonya Kazingmei.

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