Dear Boyfriend, Here Are A Few Things I Want To Thank You For!

Dear Boyfriend, Here Are A Few Things I Want To Thank You For!
Dear Boyfriend,

I know that along with being my fabulous self (:P) I can sometimes be stubborn, unreasonable and a tad bit over sensitive too! Yet, you’re always there to love me and support me and show me how much I mean to you. So while I’ve already told you how much I love you, today I want to thank you as well. Thank you for all the small things you do that make me the happiest girl in the world...

1. For letting me steal the blanket all the time...

...and STILL being worried about whether I’m warm or not.

thank your boyfriend 1

2. For knowing that I can be naive sometimes...

...but never ever taking me for granted!

3. For always reassuring me that I have a great body...

...just to force feed me that yummy dessert!

4. For calling me out when I’m being completely unreasonable...

...but always knowing how to pick your battles.

thank your boyfriend

5. For always volunteering to get me soup when I’m sick...

...and scolding me when I don’t finish it.

6. For realising that I can sometimes be oversensitive..

...and dealing with me in the most calm manner possible.  

7. For even loving my non-waxed winter look!

Because you kind of keeps me warm. :P

thank your boyfriend

8. For loving me despite my mood swings..

...and not always attributing them to PMS!

9. For hugging and kissing me when I’m so mad at you..

...even though sometimes it’s for no fault of yours.

10. For dealing with my hair all over your face when we’re snuggling...

...and only ever telling me how good it smells!

thank your boyfriend

11. For always letting me drink your coke!

Even though you always tell me to order my own!

12. For apologizing when we fight..

...because sometimes I’m too stubborn to do so.

13. For telling me that I’m the prettiest girl in the world...

...even if you’ve just crossed paths with a supermodel!

thank your boyfriend

14. For listening to me rant about some girl you barely even know...

...while actually listening to the whole thing AND seeming interested!

15. For not making me feel crazy when I get jealous of the other girls in your life!

And for making me understand that I have my own very very special place in your life.

16. For making such an effort with my friends and family...

...even though you find it hard to get along with some of them!

thank your boyfriend

17. For always sending me that good morning text!

It does make my day much better. :)

18. For knowing me so damn well.

And always saying the right things.

19. For always taking my opinion into consideration before doing anything important...

...even when you think differently.

thank your boyfriend

20. For loving me the way only you can.

And for making me SO happy!

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