Dear Boyfriend, 15 Reasons I Said YES When You Proposed!

Dear Boyfriend, 15 Reasons I Said YES When You Proposed!
Dear Boyfriend,

Thank you for that beautiful proposal. I cannot tell you how happy you make me. Even though words can’t express my love for you (especially at this moment!), I want you to know why I said yes to being your future wife!!


Your Girlfriend

1. Because you’re my best friend…

And life wouldn’t be half as fun without you in it!

when he proposed

2. Because you make me feel unconditionally loved and accepted.

I never, ever need to pretend to like or feel anything I don’t truly believe in.

3. Because you encourage me to live my dreams and achieve my goals...

Even if it means me being able to spend less time with you!

when he proposed

4. Because you never fail to make me laugh!

Even when I’m mad!

5. Because even though commitment can sometimes be a scary word...

The thought of being committed to you forever is not scary at all.

when he proposed

6. Because you treat my problems as if they were your own…

And work at double the efficiency to find a solution.

7. Because you hate to see me upset.

And you’re not afraid to let me see how much it affects you.

when he proposed

8. Because I can trust you with my life...

And I know you trust me back!

9. Because you’re proud of my achievements!

And never make me feel that it has to be one or another - home or work.

when he proposed

10. Because the thought of falling asleep next to you every night…

Makes me super excited!!! #RoomiesForLife

11. Because no matter how different we may be as people…

We share the same values and principles.

when he proposed

12. Because when I think of having a family of my own...

I cannot picture it without you. Even if I try!

13. Because, let's face it, our babies would be super cute!

You know it's true! :P

when he proposed

14. Because even if I tried…

I would not be able to find a better companion for life!

15. Because I want to grow old with you...

And have a whole lifetime of memories to smile and laugh at!

when he proposed

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