14 Saree Styles That'll Add Fun to Your Wardrobe

14 Saree Styles That'll Add Fun to Your Wardrobe
We’re all crazy about wearing sarees, but the wearing one every day can seem like a bit of a task. Plus, it’ll get a bit boring to wear them so regularly, right?! Not anymore! These totally awesome saree styles will be sure to keep your Indian wear exciting and super quirky! What's life without a little fashionable excitement, right?

14 Amazing Saree Styles for All Occasions

1. Add that splash of pink!

quirky saris 1

Don’t we all have a soft corner for the colour?! If you just nodded your head, you’re obviously going to love these saris! A bright pop of pink is just what you need to add some splash to an otherwise ordinary day. And you can do it so easily with these saris.

POPxo Recommends: Ombre Carmine Red and Neon Yellow Sari (Rs 4,796), Gaurav Gupta Fuchsia Sarees (Rs 4,800)

2. Go retro with dots!

quirky saris 2

The simple way with a pink and white one, or the funky with the bright orange number - both are great ways to add some retro saris to your closet! While the pink one is simple, sweet, perfect for summer, the orange one is ideal for a fancy function and you just can’t go wrong with it!

POPxo Recommends: Memsahiba Women Chiffon Polka Dot Printed Saree (Rs 549), Boondh Saree with Blouse Piece (Rs 225)

3. Pastels to mix it up

quirky saris 3

Pastel shades to a sari are like sequins to a party dress - makes your look totally striking, wherever you decide to go! Though a bit more subtle way to do it is with solids or lighter prints. They make the sari wearable while still being funky!

POPxo Recommends: Cotton Silk Kota Printed Tonal Zig Line Sari (Rs 2,290), Kalki Fashion Aqua Blue Solid Saree (Rs 9,550)

4. Black and white with a twist

quirky saris 4

Black and white is a classic combination that we just can’t let go of! But of course, we can still mix it up a bit with some eccentric prints! Check out these super cool (almost!) monochrome saris that we’re totally loving right now. (And don’t you just LOVE that jumpsuit?!)

POPxo Recommends: Cotton Silk Kota Printed Bold Line Palla Sari (Rs 2,190), Soup White Printed Jumpsuit (Rs 8,900)

5. Cartoon printed saris? Hell, yeah!

quirky saris 5

We get it, it sounds completely absurd, but Satya Paul actually has some saris with Mickey Mouse prints that are actually wearable! And if you’re looking to quirk things up anyway, why not show a bit of the child within?

POPxo Recommends: Satya Paul Multicolor Georgette Sarees (Rs 7,197), Satya Paul Georgette Multicolor Saree (Rs 13,995)

6. Funky Florals

quirky saris 6

Sure, floral saris are pretty but how can make them look any different? Well, this is how! Go for a sari in bright pastel shades where only your blouse is in a floral print! It’s very young looking and will make you look radiant! Or, of course, you could opt for a sari with floral lace panel to make it look even more gorgeous! And it also works for formal occasions!

POPxo Recommends: NIKI MAHAJAN Orange and yellow printed sari with floral blouse (Rs 21,000), Ink Blue Sari with Neon Floral Embroidered Border (Rs 10,395)

7. Drape Drama

quirky saris 7

Not one for the conventional?! Break the rules with these totally awesome draped saris! They’re super eccentric and definitely make a very cool statement. For any occasion from a shaadi to a college fest, you can rock the draped sari without the worry of your pleats falling apart! Yes, yes, we hear you cheering in excitement!

POPxo Recommends: Nidhika Shekhar Powder Blue Draped Sari (Rs 16,900), Soup By Sougat Paul Multicolor Printed Ivory Drape Sari (Rs 8,925)

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