8 Period Myths EVERYONE Needs To Stop Believing!

8 Period Myths EVERYONE Needs To Stop Believing!
There are a lot of ridiculous things we’ve heard about periods (#1 It is DIRTY!). We’re sure you’ve heard and even believed some of these myths before, which is why we’re out to debunk some of the biggest and most delusional ones of them all. Read on as we separate fact from fiction...

1. MYTH: You’re Not A Virgin If You Use Tampons

Period Myths

All those people who have ever told you this clearly need a lesson in sex ed. A virgin is somebody who has never had sexual intercourse; the presence of a hymen isn’t an accurate measure of your virginity. A girl’s hymen can break thanks to a number of sports activities much before she has even had sex. Whether you use tampons or pads has nothing to do with your virginity and is based on personal preference.

2. MYTH: If You Miss Your Period, You’re Pregnant!

Before you think you’re popping a mini you in 9 months, you should know that there are other causes of a missed period. It is one of the biggest signs that you’re pregnant but a number of factors like stress, extreme weight loss, hormonal changes and poor diet can also cause your period to go MIA. Make sure to see a doctor if it happens often.

3. MYTH: PMS Doesn’t Actually Exist

Period myths

There are a lot of people who believe that PMS is just in your head but they couldn’t be more wrong. PMS is real and its symptoms (like emotional fluctuations, bloating, cramps, tender breasts and dizziness) can occur a few days before the crimson tide. The next time a guy tells you you’re PMSing, ask him to get his facts right!

4. MYTH: A Menstruating Woman Is Impure or Dirty

There is absolutely nothing impure about you when you have your period. In fact, your periods signify that you are capable of reproduction and new life. You’re just shedding an unfertilized egg, just like every other woman out there.

5. MYTH: You Can’t Get Pregnant If You Have Sex When You’re On Your Period

Period Myths

Sorry to burst that bubble girl but protection is a must even when you’re menstruating. Believe it or not but sperm can live in the vagina for up to 5 days, which means that if you start ovulating during that time those feisty little suckers can reach the egg. Yikes!

6. MYTH: All Women Are Crabby During Their Period

While some believe that PMS isn’t even real, there are others who think that your bad mood is because of your period. Don’t you just hate it when your man says something exasperating like, “You have your period, no wonder you’re fighting with me.” If that were the case, then guys would never have bad moods right?

7. MYTH: If You Touch Pickle When You Have Your Period, It Will Go Bad

Period Myths

Yes, because the “impurities” that rest in our vagina do also travel up to our fingers! We should go hug anybody who says that just to spread our ‘impurities’. Menstruation is just another form of nature taking its course so please go dig into that achar jar any time you want. It will NOT go bad.

8. MYTH: A Menstruating Woman Should Not Enter A Kitchen or A Temple

This superstitions is unfounded and baseless and unfortunately is also widely believed in India. Unless you’ve suddenly developed some superhuman powers that will make things “go immoral” with your touch, you can do as you please when you have your period just as when you don’t. 

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