9 Everyday Mantras For EVERY Girl To Live By!

9 Everyday Mantras For EVERY Girl To Live By!
Between what’s on everyone’s Snapchat story and how annoying the weather is being today, we doubt you have the time to think about too many other things! Don’t worry, girl, that’s pretty much the story of all our lives. But of late, we’ve found that there are a few things that we must consciously think of daily. Consider these your daily affirmations, if you like – they will truly change your life. You’ll find yourself calmer, more aligned and more sure of yourself! What else can one want from life? Let’s get right to it!

1. “I trust my hustle”

Whether you are studying or working, whether you want to switch jobs or have your eye on a promotion... Whatever phase of life you are in, you need to trust your own hustle. Know that you are doing your best; you are working hard to the best of your abilities. And maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow – but soon enough, that hard work is going to pay off...and how!

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2. “Karma will do its thing.”

We have not been put on this earth to make sure we take revenge on every single person who has intentionally or unintentionally harmed us/ someone we love. Have a little faith in karma and let it do its thing. If we are lucky, the people who have been awful to us will get a taste of their own medicine. But let’s face it: this may happen at a later stage in life when we may not be around to watch. So don’t make it your obsession- trust karma and let it do its thing! Okay? Cool!

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3. “I’m kind of, sort of, fabulous!”

I know this sounds vain, but listen up, missy – if you don’t think you are awesome, no one else will! You have to start loving yourself, a lot more. Watch how it transforms your life and does wonders for your confidence! Bet you’re going to thank us later. :-)

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4. “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take!”

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again – comfort zones can be dangerous things! Take some chances in life. Think about it this way: even if it doesn’t work out, it will still be a great story to tell your grandchildren someday. If it does work out...then it could be life-changing in a fantastic sort of way! Winning either way, if you ask us. :-)

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5. “Today, I choose happiness!”

We cannot stress this one enough – happiness is a choice, so don’t leave it to chance. Wake up and listen to Pharrell Williams and his happy jam if you need a little nudge! But do whatever it takes to make yourself happy every single day. There are so many others who aren’t half as blessed as you. You owe it to the universe to be happy, so just thank you stars and keep that goofy grin on your face. Psst, it’ll really make people wonder what you’re up to, which can be a very good thing!

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6. “Comparing myself to others is a waste of time.”

“Why is she looking so much better than me in her latest photos? Oh wait, is it just a bunch of filters? Or did she spend thousands on a professional photo shoot? Gosh! How dumb of her. Wait, maybe I haven’t seen her in a while and she’s lost a lot of weight and is actually looking that awesome!” Arghhh! Pay attention to your own thoughts. How is this girl’s life any of your business? Learn to control your own thoughts and don’t spend so much time on social media. It’s only detrimental to your mental health. Live and let live. You have no clue what’s really happening in a person’s life, apart from what they portray on social media... Always remember that.

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7.  “Sometimes, you’ve just got to be your own hero!”

Come on, Cinderella, go buy that other glass slipper. Prince Charming may or may not be on his way! You know how ineffective GPS can be sometimes. That’s right. Stop waiting for others to come and save you. You are no damsel in distress, you are a Girl Boss! Be your own sunshine and your own guide – be your own hero.

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8. “My life is a no-drama zone. ”

Toxic people and drama queens, go the other way! I have chosen a life where I’m surrounded by real friends who truly care about me and love me for who I am. There is genuinely no space for backbiting and for trash talk. So take your negative vibes and go elsewhere. Thanks in advance!

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9. “Things will get better!”

Hey there, little fighter, tomorrow will be brighter. Yup, surround yourself with happy thoughts and the notion that all struggles are just passing phases. So from a breakup to a meltdown...everything is actually designed to make you stronger. Yeah, life, you can’t break us! And no matter how many times you get knocked down, we all know you’re going to stand back up – taller and stronger than ever.

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Don’t you feel better reading this already? Try reminding yourself of this every single day. Now excuse us while we polish our halos!

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