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16 Reasons It’s Good For You To Leave Your Hometown!

16 Reasons It’s Good For You To Leave Your Hometown!

Leaving your hometown and your family is very hard. But despite its struggles, being able to create your own identity not just in this new city but also back home (where everyone will talk about your achievements) will make it all feel worthwhile! Trust us, there are some amazing things that happen when you get out of your comfort zone and arrive in a new place filled with opportunities. All we can say is be ready to seize them!! 1. You now have the option of choosing where you want to live! Close to the malls and restaurants? Yes please! So what if it’s a tiny apartment, you get to live close to all the action! 2. You have the excitement of meeting and bonding with your new neighbours. You have to try the “can I borrow some sugar please?” line at least once.  And If there is a cute boy next door then that’s a bonus! leaving your hometown 3. You suddenly become aware of the prices of different sabzee and start seeing yourself become an expert at negotiating the best price for them!  
4. You quickly realise how useful it is to know exactly what medicine to pop when you are on the verge of catching the flu! leaving your hometown 5. The other big plus is that you learn to save money - starting with switching off the AC in the middle of the night to avoid getting crazy electricity bills! 6. After a few months of never being able to find anything to wear, you finally understand how useful is to get your clothes washed regularly and neatly order them in piles that actually make sense (instead of just chucking them in the cupboard!) leaving your hometown 7. You also become an ace packer. Regularly going back and forth from home makes you a pro at mastering the various train/plane luggage restrictions! 8. You start developing your own support system. Your new friends slowly become family, and are the first people you call in case of an emergency. leaving your hometown 9. You start enjoying the luxury of having friends over whenever you like! You can even create your own little bar without any restrictions (which by the way will always be empty!) 10. Going home will feel like a holiday! You can look forward to the delicious home cooked food and you appreciate just how nice it is to be pampered! leaving your hometown 11. You can introduce the world to the signature treats you get in your home town. The local namkeen savories or the pastries from your favorite bakery. 12. The endless shopping options in your new city have the added benefit of providing you with retail therapy whenever you need it! leaving your hometown 13. Dating? The options my friend are endless. Want to go for a late night drive? No one is going to stop you. Want to have him over and cook a meal for him. Go ahead. 14. You become an expert at getting odd jobs done! You can take pride in calling the plumber and electrician bhaiyya at a moment’s notice when your mom is visiting! leaving your hometown 15. You also get to know yourself better, without anyone around to pressure you, you become your own person - confident and independent! 16. And your greatest triumph comes in successfully convincing people that you are truly a local! And it comes from finally being fully in-charge of your day to day life! Yay! :) leaving your hometown Still a little nervous about taking the plunge? Trust us, you are going to love it ! Image Source: Giphy, Tumblr MUST-READ: 10 Signs You Are A Real Life Carrie Bradshaw! MUST-READ: Ghar Ka Khana! 12 Things We SO Miss When We’re Away From Home
Published on Sep 29, 2015
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