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Strong & Shiny: 10 Foods That Help Your Hair Grow FASTER!!

Strong & Shiny: 10 Foods That Help Your Hair Grow FASTER!!
Chopping your hair off can take seconds, but waiting for it to grow back can be tiresome and frustrating. If you’ve been wanting long hair for a while now, we know how to get you there ASAP. No, you don’t need a host of cosmetics and chemical treatments. All you need is a healthier and wiser diet. Yes ladies, the food you eat is largely responsible for your hair’s growth. Here are 10 super foods that will help your hair grow faster and stronger!

1. Egg-special!

grow hair faster You might be surprised to know that eggs have mega benefits for your hair! Yes, ladies - the yolk of the egg is loaded with proteins, zinc, Vitamin B and iron. These nutrients are essential for keeping your hair and body healthy. Eating it or applying it directly to your hair has the same positive results.

2. Sweet potato power!

grow hair faster Sweet potatoes are WAY healthier than regular potatoes thanks to the presence of beta-carotene - your hair will receive the nourishment it deserves! Beta-carotene is the active ingredient for Vitamin A, and this will boosting hair follicle growth and giving your strands a glossy finish.

3. Do the daal!

grow hair faster Do you know why lentils makes it to this list? Because they’re rich in iron, proteins and fibre. These components help aid hair growth and make sure your hair looks fab at all times. For a girl on the go, soaked chana (with some salt and lemon to add flavour) make for a perfect snack!

4. Fishy business

grow hair faster If you love seafood, salmon should be your pick of the lot. This pink-fleshed fish is an abundant source of Omega-3 fatty acids that look after your hair and skin. An alternative to salmon is tuna. Both fish help keep your hair long and strong!

5. Nutty buddies

grow hair faster You can munch on them during work, after meals or just before you hit the sack. Because dried nuts such as peanuts, walnuts and almonds contain a B-complex vitamin called biotin which is essential for hair growth. Having nuts on a regular basis will keep your mane healthy and full of life.

6. Seed invasion

grow hair faster Flax seeds may be tiny, but their contribution to hair growth is HUGE! Eating them as they are or adding them to your smoothie can do miracles for your locks. The fiber and Omega-3s in flax seeds stimulate hair growth. So, what y ou waiting for?

7. Scoops of avocado

grow hair faster If you love eating clean and healthy, make avocados a part of your regular diet. Due to the high levels of Vitamin B and E in them, your hair will always be protected and nourished, preventing hair fall. Go on, add a little avocado goodness to that salad.

8. Leafy helpings

grow hair faster This leafy veggie is rich in folate, iron, protein, magnesium, Vitamins A and K which are responsible for making your hair glossy, strong and long. Instead of having a plate of rice and curry for dinner, have a bowl of spinach instead! Your mane will love you for it.

9. Peppery goodness

grow hair faster Bell peppers can instantly add colour to almost any meal. Not only do they look good, they’re extremely beneficial too! They contain Vitamin C that looks after your follicles and helps produce healthier hair. Still turning your nose up at those red and yellow beauties?

10. Say yes to oysters!

grow hair faster Now, making this part of your regular diet might be a stretch, but it CAN do wonders for your hair. Oysters are rich in proteins, iron, Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, vitamins and, most importantly, zinc. Zinc not only boosts hair growth, it also prevents hair damage by strengthening it. Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: 11 Foods That Turn Your Body Into A Natural Fat Burning Machine MUST-READ: 10 Super Foods That Can Amp Up Your Sex Life – Try Them NOW!