#GirlBoss: 17 Life Lessons We've Learnt From Geet And Rani!

#GirlBoss: 17 Life Lessons We've Learnt From Geet And Rani!
Bollywood is all about romance. It has been since the dawn of the silver screen. But until very recently, Bollywood has not often portrayed the most important love story of all: the ones we have with ourselves! Two heroines who won our hearts by following their own dreams are Rani from Queen and Geet from Jab We Met! As we watch their journeys of self-discovery prevail through the movies, we can’t help but be left with a sense of awe and empowerment - knowing that they’re encouraging each and every one of us to embrace our inner selves and celebrate the fabulous women that we are! Here are 17 life lessons we’ve learnt from these two fantastic females!

1. You should always be your own number one priority.

bollywood life lessons 12. Never say no without trying something at least once!

3. You will get over the breakup, no matter how big or small.

kangana break up - bollywood life lessons

4. Taking some “me” time is absolutely essential.

5. Life is a game, and it’s in your hands - so make of it what you can and will, and take risks along the way... Your heart will thank you!

geet life game - bollywood life lessons

6. Lifestyle barriers matter not at all when it comes to finding people you can connect to emotionally.

7. There’s nothing wrong with being a strong, independent woman.

geet strong woman - bollywood life lessons

8. The best kind of love is the one that lets you be yourself even when you’re with someone else.

9. Your attitude will define you more than any outfit you wear!

queen dancing - bollywood life lessons

10. Believe and have faith in your dreams even when no one else does.

11. No matter what, never lose your sense of humour.

queen sense of humour - bollywood life lessons

12. Face challenges head on and NEVER feel defeated!

13. Speak to your heart’s content...even if no one is listening!

geet talking - bollywood life lessons

14. There’s nothing like a little rest and relaxation to make things better.

15. ALWAYS stand true to your beliefs.

queen retail therapy - bollywood life lessons

16. Sometimes you need to explore the world by yourself - no matter who ditches on you.

17. Ultimately, your happy ending is in your own hands! 

bollywood life lessons

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