9 Body Language Tricks To Make You Look & Feel More Confident!

9 Body Language Tricks To Make You Look & Feel More Confident!
While we have no doubts that you are a strong, confident woman - there can be some situations that make us ALL feel intimidated. When we are faced with those situations, there are certain tips and tricks that can be used to combat feelings which leave us less than confident. One good area to focus on is body language. You will be surprised at how much these 9 little body language tips will help you next time you find yourself in a tough spot!

1. Smile Like You Mean It

While it is always nice to flash a smile when you are first introduced to someone, doing it instantly can make others assume that this smile is what comes out to anyone in your line of sight. Instead take a moment to pause and then respond to the intended person with a warm smile - showing them that you are comfortable and reacting confidently to their presence.

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2. Slouch No more

While parents have been telling us for years not to slouch for the sake of our postures, experts would also have you know that slouching can make you appear insecure and under-confident. Instead make sure you always stand tall with your shoulders pulled back.

3. Make Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact with the person you are speaking to can do wonders for a confident demeanour. Instead of averting your gaze from those you are speaking to, act as though your eyes are glued to theirs. A good trick to help with this is counting the blinks the other person is making.

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4. Fix That Fidget

Making unnecessary adjustments and fidgeting while talking to someone can give a clear indication that you are uncomfortable in their presence. If you do feel the urge to fidget, a good thing to do, again, is to maintain eye contact and have a firm stance. Stand in a way that you are most comfortable, and if possible tuck your hands into your pockets to prevent unnecessary fiddling.

5. Get Handsy

Talking with your hands means making gestures to elaborate the things you are trying to get across. This helps because experts say that gestures are integrally linked to our speech, so using them to reinforce what we say helps put the message across in a stronger, more confident way! More so, shaking hands with someone when you first meet them is a strong confidence move.

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6. Power Pose

Adopting the power pose is especially good when you find yourself in a group situation. Like a meeting, for example - where everyone is sitting across at a table. You should try this before you enter a meeting: extend your arms over your head to create a V shape. This pose actually has been studied and documented to increase testosterone, confidence, and leadership qualities in all who make it. So, even if you are feeling nervous before a situation, you can try this post to release the hormones and have confidence flow through your body!

7. Neck, Ears & Heart

Avoid touching these parts of your body, as they are what instantly tell another person that you are nervous while in their presence.

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8. Face Things Head On

Make sure that you align your body with the person you are communicating with. This means having your entire body facing them. This shows you are open to what they have to say and when you interact you will be able to communicate more effectively having opened your “pose” up to receive what they have already said.

9. Mirror, Mirror

A good tip is to mirror what the people around you are doing. This means doing what the other person you are speaking with is doing, albeit subtly. While you don’t want to outwardly copy every action they make, by mimicking their actions it will allow for them to feel more connection and more like you. If they are leaning forward, lean forward yourself; if they sit back in a relaxed manner, do the same. This is a very effective tip and eases situations where confidence is required - such as interviews, dates or generally meeting someone new!

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