FINALLY! 10 Amazing Heels That WON'T Kill Your Feet!

FINALLY! 10 Amazing Heels That WON'T Kill Your Feet!
Sure, we love putting on those high heels and making a statement but there’s always that nagging pain after a long night of standing and dancing in high stumps. It’s flats for a full day after that! Well, no more! Here are some amazing heels that won't kill you. AND they fit right into your budget. Win-win!!

1. Miss Bennett London Bronze Sandals

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 16.42.03

These super trendy sandals are a must-have! Not only does the block heel make them super comfortable, they also go great with just about any outfit you've got stashed!

Price: Rs 2,499. Buy it here.

2. My Foot Red Sandals

comfortable heels

There is always room in our lives for some red! Grab this pair, they're oh-so-sexy and won't make you regret your decision to wear them!

Price: Rs 1,080. Buy it here.

3. Dorothy Perkins Pink Sandals

comfortable heels 3

The palest of pink, but we’re still loving this pastel pair of clogs. The vintage ankle-strap style has always been one of our favourites and this pair is making us want to drop everything and shop!

Price: Rs 2,583. Buy it here.

4. QUPID Palm Print Chunky Heel Sandals

comfortable heels 4

Florals for spring? Sure. But why not the rest of the time too?! This printed pair is totally cool and reminds us of beaches and summer vacays!

Price: Rs 2,795. Buy it here.

5. KOOVS Chunky Double Strap Sandals

comfortable heels 5

Add a pop of colour to your outfit with this cute, chunky pair! They'll give you that height boost you crave without forcing your feet to pay for it.

Price: Rs 1,995. Buy it here.

6. Antoinella Ankle Boot

comfortable heels 6

Every girl needs a pair of boots and if you don't have one already, here is one you'll definitely love! This classic black pair will lift any androgynous outfit.

Price: Rs 2,595. Buy it here.

7. Dorothy Perkins Black Heels

comfortable heels 7

A pair of monochrome marble print heels? HELL TO THE YES! Just what you need for a slightly formal setting.

Price: Rs 1,320. Buy it here.

8. Truffle Collection White Sandals

comfortable heels 8

White shoes might be slightly hard to maintain but they definitely make a statement. And this pair is less likely to give you trouble (even after you wear it ALL day) because of it's broad heels that support your feet well!

Price: Rs 1,799. Buy it here.

9. Miss Bennett London Tan Wedges

comfortable heels

Who said wedges can't be fashionable?! These gorgeous tan wedges are totes drool-worthy and add a bit of oomph to your outfit.

Price: Rs 1,609. Buy it here.

10. NEW LOOK Beaded Block Heel Sandals

comfortable heels  10

Beads on your heels add a little bit of sparkle to your life. They’re perfect for that girl’s night out you’ve been planning.

Price: Rs 1,350. Buy it here.
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