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Tiny Cute Things: 11 Midi Rings That Are SUPER Adorable!

Tiny Cute Things: 11 Midi Rings That Are SUPER Adorable!

Ladies, here’s another cutesy accessory to get your hands on. Midi rings or Mid-finger rings embody the ever increasing trend of body jewellery. Take every opportunity to show off those dainty fingers with a statement ring on your knuckles. Go bold, stack them up or just let a tiny band grace your fingers. Go on, take your pick!

1.The Bold Gold Ring

1. pernia midi rings This big stone ring will definitely catch eyeballs. Pair this with a monochrome outfit or even big block print.
POPxo Recommends: Blue And Orange Circles Middie Ring (Rs 2,450)

2.The Adjustables

2. Snapdeal midi rings We love traditional jewellery and finding new uses for them is the best way to wear them more often. POPxo Recommends: Jaipur Pacchi Work Ring (Rs 258)

3.The Geometric Ring Set

3. Koovs midi rings This set of rings is a combination of metal and diamanté - two things every girl loves! POPxo Recommends: Pipa Bella Set of 4 Rings (Rs 450)

4. The Pack Iridescent Rings

4.Koovs midi rings For the girl who prefers more “intricate” carvings on your jewellery. POPxo Recommends: New Look Iridescent Ring pack (Rs 695)

5. The Multi-Colored Metal Band Set

5. Elitify midi rings Get these low fuss, multi-coloured metal rings for an everyday, casual chic look. POPxo Recommends: Yana Midi Ring Set (Rs 590)

6. This Bejewelled Ring

6. Elitify midi rings To add that extra bit of bling to a crazy night out or a bit of chutzpah to an afternoon brunch. We can bet everyone will go WOW! POPxo Recommends:  Zariah Midi Ring (Rs 590)

7. Cute Elements Ring

7. EBAY2 midi rings Why shouldn’t your jewellery be doing all the talking? POPxo Recommends: Heart Anchor Infinity Love Ring Set (Rs 289)

8 . Silver Stone Studded Rings

8. AMAZON midi rings The wreath and the leaf on these pretty baubles make them so graceful and delicate - they’re all you need in life! POPxo Recommends: Republic London Mothers Special Diamond Ring Set (Rs 380)

9. Charm Midi Ring

9. EXCLUSIVELY midi rings This pretty little ring reminds us of a charm bracelet. The dangling ornaments give it an edge over the rest! POPxo Recommends: Golden Ring with Elephant Drop  (Rs 740)

10. Antique Silver and Gold Vintage Ring set:

10.FLIPKART and Feature midi rings Nothing makes an impression quite like vintage jewelry. You know what they say - ‘old is gold’! POPxo Recommends: Young Forever Antique Silver Gold Vintage Ring Set (Rs 585)

11. Industrial Type Bands:

11 AMAZON.001 midi rings Fancy chunkier jewelry? You might want to get this set of black adjustable bands. You can get these in other colors too. Found your match? POPxo Recommends: Cinderella Collection Shining Diva Ring Set (Rs 349)
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Published on Sep 10, 2015
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