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#Zodiac: What Kind Of Friend Are You? Let's Find Out...

#Zodiac: What Kind Of Friend Are You? Let's Find Out...
Friends are the family we choose, or so people say! Sometimes, though, friendships are also written in the stars and we can come across people who leave such long-lasting impressions in our lives that it feels like destiny that we met them in the first place! What kind of friend are YOU according to your zodiac sign?! Find out…


what kind of friend You have a wide interest in things and a genuine enthusiasm for life that is hard to parallel, and as such, you have a lot of friends! The fact that you never have a hard time making new friends, combined with the thought that they find you endearing and exciting, interests you in their friendship. However long a friendship lasts, you always give it your all! Of course, you too have your more special, long-lasting friends who are more like-minded and have seen you through everything!


what kind of friend Taurus, you’re such a lovely friend! You were the one who said you would keep in touch, and really meant it! Chances are many of your friendships are ones that you have had for a long time. Your qualities lie in being constant, loyal and a true companion. Quality over quantity is your friendship motto and the handful of besties that you have are likely to be nothing short of soulmates!


what kind of friend Your friendships tend to lie in groups of threes! This may seem odd, but it is because you are the perfect mediator in any given situation! Your unique ability to see any side of a situation means that you truly get what the other person is saying and your opinions are highly valued. You tend to have more than one group of friends and value each and every one of them equally! The Gemini woman is quick-witted, fun and never boring - a winning combination that makes you likeable to most people.


what kind of friend There is something very comforting about being friends with you, Cancer! You’re the friend that will be there when someone has the flu, has broken up with their guy or just simply needs a true friend! You’re happy to go with the flow when it comes to making plans and this no-fuss attitude means you’re happy to leave your comfort zone and try new things and meet new people - which is awesome, since people tend to take an immediate liking to you anyway!  


what kind of friend You are a social butterfly and can be found in the centre of most friendship groups - in other words, you’re basically the glue! You love to have a good time and make sure others have a great time too. As such, you’re likely to call your friends over to your host to play the hostess with the mostest! Your friends feel wonderfully pampered in your company and know that they have made a good friend in you who will always be there for them and won’t fret over the small things!


what kind of friend You’re probably the person that all of your friends have on speed dial! Super reliable and helpful, your practical nature lends itself so beautifully to friendship! This combined with the fact that you’re super fun loving and adventurous make you a much sought after friend! You offer excellent advice and know how to make your friends feel loved with small but caring gestures!  


what kind of friend Libras make excellent friends because they are likely to take into account and understand their friends’ needs, preferences and desires as if they were their own. You tend to bask in the company of others and are often found in a big group of friends. You are also known to be the  peacekeeper, as your great sense of fairness and balance ensures that harmony is a the centre of all that you affiliate yourself with.


what kind of friend Loyalty best describes friendship for you, Scorpio. It is what you give to your friends and most certainly what you expect of them. If someone can prove their loyalty to you then you are counted among the best friend that anyone can have! You value secrecy and aren’t one to idly spread gossip, nor will you ever spill your friends’ secrets. You tend to never forget an act of betrayal or kindness bestowed upon you, and are likely to repay the latter in bountiful measure!


what kind of friend You’re a fun loving sign who is happy to play the part of the court jester when your friends need a laugh! You love being around your friends and are as often found relaxing in their homes as your own! A confident conversationalist, you are able to be both the listener and also talk to your friends without any barriers - making you trustworthy. What your friends value most about you is your ability to remain impartial and non-judgemental, come what may!


what kind of friend Your sign enjoys the company of a clique that you can call your own! As such, your close friends can enjoy the guidance and support you lend to their lives! Your friends truly value the fact that you are there to take the leading steps in trickier situations. Since you are so proud of those that make it to your inner circle, there are no lengths that you will not go to for your friends!


what kind of friend You are a charmer, Aquarius, and as such have many acquaintances in your life that are all too happy to see you at any given time of day! But where friends are concerned, you are exceptionally loyal, so those that can count themselves among your handful of close friends are very lucky! Your true friendships are with those who also value independence and freedom - with a streak of quirky - and are likely to remain long-term ones!  


what kind of friend Pisces women make for devoted, caring and empathetic friends. You are the one who will be there at 4 a.m. when your bestie needs a shoulder to lean on - and not only that, you will show up with ice cream or cake if that is what they are craving. Your intuitive ways mean that you know how to care for your friends and guide them through crucial situations! Uniquely perceptive, your understanding of people ensures your popularity within social circles. Images: TumblrShutterstock MUST-READ: What Kind Of Girlfriend Are You? Your Zodiac Reveals All… MUST-READ: #Zodiac: How He Says “I Love You” Even If He Isn’t Saying It!