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What Makes YOU Angry? Let's See What Your Sun Sign Says...

What Makes YOU Angry? Let's See What Your Sun Sign Says...

You know those moments of spell-binding rage that you can’t control? Yeah, we all have them! But we all have different things that triggers that kind anger within us. Some sun signs seeth at the thought of being lied to or being forced to do something we don’t really want to, while others simply can’t keep their cool at the slightest hint of provocation or disagreement. Read on to find out what exactly it is that angers your sign!


what makes me angry Aries, it has to be said that you do lose your temper at the flip of a switch. It doesn’t take much for the fire within you to come out. The one thing that gets you seething is not winning. Whether it’s winning the affections of someone or winning the limelight - you hate to be second best. And while you are super-quick to lose your temper, you’re also quick to apologize.


what makes me angry You have a genuine compassion for mankind and have a very soft side when it comes to nurturing people. So, when you are lied to, or aspects of your trust are betrayed - it makes you very, very angry. This anger builds up inside you, until you just can’t take it anymore - and then the bull in you comes out storming!

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what makes me angry You’re a wordsmith anyway, so you can imagine that when it comes to anger, you aren’t one to be shy about what you’re feeling! Usually a carefree sign, you don’t get rubbed the wrong way easily. But idiotic and silly behaviour provokes you when it comes to arguing with people, especially if they retort with something completely illogical!


what makes me angry You have a very nurturing soul and really take tremendous care of the people who hold a special place in your heart. So, you expect the same in return - mutual respect! But if the very same people behave in a way that you find upsetting or they try to outsmart you, it makes you very, very angry. So much so that you sometimes cannot control your outrage!


what makes me angry Your anger can’t be categorized as a run of the mill episode - you have what they call RAGE! But it appears in its own silent manner!  If anyone dares step on your toes or encroaches on what you consider your territory - whether at work or at home - you’re ready to do anything to crush their impudence and regain the upper hand.


what makes me angry You are a perfectionist and never do anything in a half-hearted manner. Since you do things with dedication, people not respecting your opinions and those who don’t give their 100% to a situation makes you feel let-down at such a deep level that it actually ends up making you very angry.


what makes me angry As a lover of balance and equality, it genuinely perturbs you when someone comes along and tips the scales of justice for their own advantage. More so, not being able to control this imbalance leaves you feeling ignored and helpless. Combined, these emotions will eventually unleash a mean bout of anger upon those around you!


what makes me angry You are not one to mince your words when you are angry. Since you have a very clear and determined nature, when people do not readily agree with a course of action that you may want to take or challenge what you believe to be best, the wrath inside you takes form in a big way - get outta the way, folks!


what makes me angry You have a certain vision for your life, and that’s what keeps you going. So, when people get in your face and (even unintentionally) crush your ideas and dreams, the fire sign within you is roused, and rage is what follows. Not being able to have the freedom to do what you want also unleashes your anger.


what makes me angry As a lover of discipline and a sign who has an innate respect for all things, you do not like it one bit when someone disturbs the harmony of a situation and chaos erupts in your presence. That, coupled with those who tend to shy away from hard work, reeeeally gets on your nerves.


what makes me angry You take your time to understand what makes others tick, and though people might not think so, you figure them out pretty damn well. So, when people undermine your authority or intellect and assume things about you without getting a chance to know you, it makes you seethe and boil until your erupt.


what makes me angry You’re an emotional and naturally sensitive soul, so it doesn’t take much to upset you. Which is why you’re very careful not to push other people’s buttons - so that they return the favour by not pressing yours! But when people intentionally provoke you, it (rightfully!) sends you on an emotional rollercoaster of anger. Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr MUST-READ: How Emotional Are You? Let’s See What Your Zodiac Says… MUST-READ: #ZodiacSecrets: What Is It About You That Turns People On?!
Published on Aug 10, 2015
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