Awwww! 8 Things He Does When He REALLY Misses You!

Awwww! 8 Things He Does When He REALLY Misses You!
Saying “I miss you” is one of the most difficult tasks for guys! The truth is: even when they miss you the most, very often the thought of actually saying it out loud terrifies them! They don’t want you to think they are dependant or weak (as if you would)! Even though most men aren’t big fans of displaying their emotions, there are some clues they can’t help but drop. So have a read of these and pick up on the hints. If you weren’t around and this is what he can be sure that you were being terribly missed by your beau!

1. TV time

He watched all your favourite TV shows. It could be a re-run of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, he knows you love it and therefore he watched it. Awww!

miss you 1

2. Eye-spy!

He scanned through your Facebook profile: going through your ancient photos and posts, rekindling memories of the time he first met you. He even flipped open Instagram to see your pictures! So if you see some random “likes” cropping up on your pics, ahem…you know you’re on his mind!

3. Creative instincts

He tried his hand at penning down a few lines for you, read those verses, and realized how terrible they sounded and never actually sent them to you. So, he sent you a little text message instead!

miss you 3

4. Ideas, ideas!

He made plans - not for when you are away but, for when you get back. A movie or a game of bowling or something naughty in bed… He got it all figured out in his head while waiting for you to be back in his arms - be prepared for some nice surprises!

5. Time out

He intentionally met up with his old friends to pass the time when you were out on work or with your family or friends, so that he wouldn’t have to hang out in an empty house. Even though he appreciates that you have “me time” and other stuff to do, he really did miss being able to come home and give you a kiss! How sweet!

miss you 5

6. Workout mode

He hit the gym. Again, this was to kill time and lock in some man time; but it was also to look HOTTT and awesome when you got back. (As if Rome were built in a day! But sshh, you don’t want to discourage him now, do you?)

7. Volume up!

He got super-excited when your favourite song played on the radio and turned the volume up extra. And randomly got a smile on his face while doing so! Don’t be surprised if you hear him singing along the next time!

miss you 7

8. Attention, attention

Boys have fidgety fingers too, and while it may be hard to believe, he too occasionally kept looking at his phone to see if he maybe missed a call from you, or if you’d messaged!

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