10 Top Tips For Girls Who Have Heavy Periods

10 Top Tips For Girls Who Have Heavy Periods
Though we all get them, periods are different for every girl. Some have their time of the month and barely notice it, and others are bogged down by cramps and heavy bleeding. If you do have heavier periods, don’t worry as we have compiled a list of 10 top tips that should help during your next period!

1. Be prepared

Always carry enough pads with you that will last you for the whole day! After all, you know you will need them, so why be unprepared? It’s best to use pads which are designed for night time and that have wings to protect against leakage and stains. You could always get one of these cute pouches to carry them in if you are worried about being discreet.  

2. Combating cramps

Heavy flow can be a pain, quite literally, considering the cramps! While you are perfectly entitled to take some medication, if these cramps don’t lessen up, it is important to remember a few things. Take something other than Aspirin - as this will actually increase your blood flow (as it is a blood thinner as well as a painkiller). So, opt for something like regular Paracetamol - though, it is always best to consult your GP before starting any medication! Also, one of the best ways to combat the pain is to use a hot water bottle or bag - the heat relaxes your uterine muscles and provides relief from the pain.

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3. DON’T do this!

Do NOT have excessive amounts of salt or caffeine when you are on your period. Both of these “foods” are considered amongst the highest culprits for causing a heavy flow and cramps.  

4. And definitely DO this!

Make sure you have enough iron in your body. Your period may be heavy because you are anaemic (your body doesn't have enough iron); alternatively, heavy bleeding can also result in anaemia over time (since you’re losing a lot of blood). Take a multivitamin that has iron in it every day, or folic acid capsules. You can also eat lots of iron-rich food like spinach.

5. Consider your options

Pads aren’t always the best option out there for girls with heavier periods, due to the excessive amount of blood and the necessity for changing very, very frequently. Tampons are a good option, since they come in varieties that have a high absorbency level, but they can leave you feeling a little sore. What is worth considering, though, is a menstrual cup. It is a little bell-shaped cup that is designed to hold 3 times more blood than a super tampon and has light suction, meaning that it won’t leak either.

heavy periods menstrual cup

6. Get lots of sleep!

Of course, you are going to feel rather sleepy during the days of your period - this is because of the blood loss. So, if your body is craving sleep - don’t deprive it! Get that shut-eye, and feel relaxed about it by placing a towel over your bed sheet to prevent overnight leakage from staining your sheet and mattress.

7. Shake It Off!

While it seems like something you just don’t feel like doing, the fact is that exercising and moving around can decrease period cramps, and it just gets you into a better mood. So, get up every half an hour and just walk around a bit - you will feel the difference!

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8. Watch your diet

Sometimes, the foods we eat can affect our flow. Research shows that following a low-fat and high-fibre diet during your time of the month is good for you and works well to combat an excessively heavy flow as well as cramps and pain.

9. Period panties

There are certain situations that won’t allow for us to be able to go to the loo every so often and change our tampons and pads. That’s where this great product comes in super handy. They’re called period panties, and have been designed to make sure they are as discreet but useful as possible. They have been designed to be period-proof and will certainly give you some peace of mind where leakage and staining is concerned! Also, it’s a good idea to carry around a spare pair of comfy cotton panties in your handbag for emergencies.

heavy periods

10. Doctor, doctor!

If your flow is extremely heavy and you think it could be unusual, then it is worth going to see your gynaecologist about it!  They may be able to prescribe medication or look into things further to see if all is normal!

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