6 AMAZING Beauty Tricks For Girls Who Wear Glasses!

6 AMAZING Beauty Tricks For Girls Who Wear Glasses!
Have you ever thought it ridiculous how a boring chashmish transforms into sexy bombshell simply by tossing out her glasses in Bollywood movies? Well, the sexy secretary look and geek chic trend prove that glasses can actually be a good look. Don’t worry if you haven’t been blessed with 20/20 vision, we give you a few beauty tips for girls with glasses to help you rock those spectacles like never before.

1. Banish Those Bags

Your glasses can actually highlight those under eye circles and bags. If you’ve had a hectic week at work or a late night of partying, those shadows below your eyes will be the biggest telltale signs. Be sure to get rid of puffiness by rubbing ice on the area before applying your makeup. Then, bring out a colour correcting concealer (we like the Inglot Undereye Concealer) and apply it, starting from the inner corners of your eye, and then blend well. Read our 5-step guide to covering up those dark circles like a pro. Skip lining your lower lash line as it will only draw attention to this problem.

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2. When It Comes To Colour

It’s true that your specs will shield a lot of the colour that you do apply. Why not go neutral and play it safe? A nude skin colour or even a subtle gold will definitely help your peepers appear bigger and give you a more polished edge, no matter how thick your frames are.

If you really do want to take things up a notch with coloured eyeshadow, be sure to pick a colour that will stand out through your glasses while not clashing with your frames. Blues, greens and lilacs are our favourites for sure. Start with a lighter shade above your lashes and then go darker at the crease to colour your eyes like a pro and help them grab attention through your specs.

3. Let Your Lashes Do The Talking

Who said you can’t flutter them behind those frames? Whether you want to go dramatic or not, playing up your lashes is especially important for a gal with glasses. Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes before sweeping on a generous layer of mascara for some flirt worthy charm in spite of a high eye number. If you can’t step out without lining your eyes, remember that the thicker your frames are, the thicker your eyeliner should be to stand out. Go crazy with gorgeous flicks and cat eyes to help define your peepers. We tell you how to draw perfect wings every single time.

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4. Some Lower Lid Magic

Take advantage of the fact that glasses actually magnify your eyes a little. Keep that in mind and add a bit of shimmery shadow or a perky colour along your lower lid for an extra dash of magic. It’s a simple trick to add plenty of drama.

5. Brows On Fleek

Glasses or no glasses, messy and unruly brows are never a good look. Don’t slack off on those threading appointments every few weeks. Trust us, a fierce brow game can do wonders for your appearance and will help you look perfectly groomed. Use dark brown eyeshadow to darken your brows, fill in any gaps and basically make them more defined and help them stand out under your frames. Don’t forget to blend - remember that defined lines will look unnatural, so smudge away.

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6. Pucker Up

The quickest way to turn up your look when your glasses are shielding your eyes is by drawing attention to your lips. Forget about the eyeshadow and let your lips do the talking with siren red, hot pink or deep berry. Playing up your pout is a surefire way of elevating your look in a matter of seconds. Also, don’t forget to add some colour to your cheeks, even if they are partially covered by your glasses. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks for a healthy glow and beautiful complexion.

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