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*Honk!* 35 CRAZY Thoughts We Have When We're Stuck In Traffic!

*Honk!* 35 CRAZY Thoughts We Have When We're Stuck In Traffic!
“Yep, just leaving - see you in a bit!” she said, unknowingly! These might as well count as infamous last words when you are leaving your house and need to get somewhere. Traffic jams can be the absolute worst thing ever when you are in a rush to get home or get to your friends’ place, or to work, or - let’s face it - ANYWHERE! You just sit and sit, while minutes of your life pass themselves and you can’t do anything about it! It’s possibly the most frustrating feeling ever! Yeah, yeah, we know, #FirstWorldProblems and all that! But read this post to see some of the crazy thoughts that invade our minds when stuck in a totally stand-still traffic jam! We’re sure you’ve had some of these too!

1. Woohoo, managed to leave five minutes earlier- this is going to make ALL the difference! *Hits traffic jam*

Stuck in traffic 1

2. Maybe it’s just a traffic light...I’m sure things will start moving shortly.

3. Why is everyone going in the same bloody direction as me anyway?

4. I wonder if there is some secret road that I don’t know about! I wish there was.

5. Might as well see what’s on the radio... How can they play the SAME song on every channel at the same time?!

6. I wish I was a bird, then I could soar above the traffic and just fly home.

Stuck in traffic 2

7. Look at this guy, edging forward taking up everyone’s space. Shame on him!

8. I bet none of these people actually even have a valid driver’s license.

9. Let me see if I too can get ahead by manoeuvring my car from this angle. *Changes lanes every two minutes like a lunatic*.

Stuck in traffic 3

10. OMG, what’s with all the honking? Stop, stop. It’s a JAM, you’re not going anywhere.

11. Neither is the car in front of you! For the love of life, STOP honking

12. Actually the honking sounds a bit like Beethoven's 9th symphony, hmm... *Starts beeping ominous rhythm*

Stuck in traffic 4

13. Might as well check Facebook since I am stuck here.


15. This is literally the worst journey of my life.

Stuck in traffic 5

16. It’s like being in prison.

17. At least this prison has AC.

18. Ugh. You have got to be kidding me, I am running low on petrol? Will I EVER make it home?

Stuck in traffic 6

19. So much for AC. Sigh.

20. Is it just me, or do autos basically resemble massive insects trying to ghusso ghusso ghusso everywhere? UGH!

21. I am so ridiculously hungry. Let me see if I have anything leftover in my tiffin. Nope, dammit - damn you all!

Stuck in traffic 7

22. I wonder if Dominos would deliver to a car? Should I call up and see?

23. Oo, I actually like this song on the radio! *Starts singing along*

24. Wait, is that girl singing along to the same song? LOL, I can see her lip-syncing.

Stuck in traffic 8

25. Gross, I wonder if other people are looking into my car too?!

26. NO, I DO NOT WANT TO BUY A BALLOON. For the 1,000th time, thank you, please go away.

27. Yes, yes - it’s moving - there is hope after all!

Stuck in traffic 9

28. AND we’re still again. This is ridiculous

29. People really shouldn’t be allowed to have cars. I mean this is absurd - people should take the metro.

30. Except me, of course.

Stuck in traffic 10

31. I wish there was some sort of device that I could use to lift all the cars in front of me and chuck them out of the way.

32. Or have a monster truck and crush them!

33. Okay, I’m officially a psycho.

34. We’re moving, we’re moving!

35. YES! Finally!! Green means go, people - green means GO! Turbo Boost ON!

Stuck in traffic 11

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