9 Things You'll TOTALLY Get If You Smile Too Easily! *Grin*

9 Things You'll TOTALLY Get If You Smile Too Easily! *Grin*
Smiling comes easy to you. After all, it doesn’t cost a damn thing and it’s sexy as hell. But okay, sometimes, it gets you in a bit of trouble because you just can’t help smiling even in the most awkward of situations!! Here are a few things you will definitely get if you’re a girl who smiles too easily!

1. Pouting in pictures just doesn’t happen. Smiling is sexy, you know!

“1, 2, 3 cheese” means smile only, na!

smile too easily

2. All those family functions where you have to constantly smile at people is really not a struggle

Well, because your cheeks don’t hurt at all. They’re used to all that exercise! You’ve trained them well. :P

3. Parents and teachers love you because they just think you’re so friendly. “This girl always has a smile on her face. So sweet”.

Unless they’re giving you a lecture. THEN they don’t think it’s so cute. Oops.

smile too easily

4. Boys always think you're interested in them just because you smile at them too!

You just remembered a joke your friend told you just as you were crossing them. Not your fault!

5. People find it hard to take you seriously when you’re fighting with them!

You start smiling when you’re yelling. It’s like a reflex!

smile too easily

6. And when you’re mad at people, and they say something completely silly, you start smiling then too!

Well, there goes the “I’m so mad at you, I can’t even LOOK at you” look!

7. Sometimes when people ask you if you’re hiding something or keeping a secret, they always end up believing that you are!

“But I swear I’m not hiding your phone!” *Can’t stop smiling*

smile too easily

8. People always assume you’re blushing about something!

“You’re smiling, means you like him. Ooooooh!”  You’re not actually blushing. But you just can’t help smiling. Why don’t they just get it?!

9. Your friends have often declared you heartless because you end up smiling at the end of emotional movies when they actually have tears in their eyes.

Smiling is an emotion too, okay?!

smile too easily

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