15 Things You'll Totally Get If You Do NOT Like Shopping! | POPxo
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15 Things You'll Totally Get If You Do NOT Like Shopping!

15 Things You'll Totally Get If You Do NOT Like Shopping!

Yes, we are a rare breed, but we do exist! If you can think of a gazillion other things you'd rather do instead of going shopping, we should basically go in for an epic high five! We feel you, sista - every un-shopaholic gene in us feels you. That’s right – read on, you’ll know we sail in the same boat!

1. People look at you like you are one big weirdo.

Thanks, I feel so special. NOT! do not like shopping 1

2. You will never understand the concept of window shopping.

What? So you just look at things and never buy them?! do not like shopping 2

3. People automatically assume you are very focused, determined and intelligent.

Try lazy! But sure - we’ll take all the compliments we can get. do not like shopping 3

4. Sales don’t lure you!

50% off? Well, good for you. do not like shopping 4

5. When your friends are making a shopping date plan, you are basically zoning out!

Actually, I just remembered I have something super important to do that day. do not like shopping 5

6. Just because you don’t like shopping doesn’t mean you’re a tomboy!

Random Assumptions Ki Dukaan do not like shopping 6

7. Your guy friends are actually quite impressed with your disinterest in shopping!

#FriendsBeforeTrends? Totally just made up that hashtag! do not like shopping 7

8. As a matter of fact, since you’re not perpetually running up bills, you’re not ALWAYS broke!

Frugality FTW!
do not like shopping 8

9.  You don’t care how many malls open in your city and how many brands come to India.

*Yawn* do not like shopping 9

10. You are really easy to shop for!

Duh! You don’t already own EVERYTHING! do not like shopping 10

11. It’s not that you never shop!

There’s always that time that there’s a hole in your leggings or you need more underwear because you are about to travel! do not like shopping 11

12. You don’t have shopping apps on your phone.

Yay! So much extra space. *Downloads all possible versions of Candy Crush* do not like shopping 12

13. Your boyfriend appreciates you for not dragging him to go dress shopping!

Guess what else we can do with our extra time, baby? do not like shopping 13

14. How can girls bargain for hours on end?

I-just-don’t-get-it! do not like shopping 14

15.  People say shopping is an art!

In that case I guess I don’t have a single creative bone in my body!
do not like shopping 15 GIFS: www.tumblr.com MUST-READ: “OMG, SALE?!” 17 Things You’ll Get If You LOVE Shopping! MUST-READ: 17 Things You Get If You’re A Girl Who Does NOT Like Makeup!
Published on Aug 11, 2015
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