14 Things You'll TOTALLY Get If You Are A Day Dreamer!

14 Things You'll TOTALLY Get If You Are A Day Dreamer!
Day-dreaming is an art form! One that requires a vivid imagination, dedication to a countless number of hours of the day lost and a simple acceptance that some things will just always be better in your head! So, try and concentrate for the remainder of this article and see whether or not these 14 fantastical things relate to you!

1. Having a long conversation with someone is basically the most difficult thing to do

If you can keep yourself zoned in after they mention their name, that can be considered a win!

2. Sitting near the window in class or at work means that there is literally a field of dreams playing out in your mind

Oo, look green trees. Hmm, there’s that peacock again. I wonder why it sounds like a cat? *Drifts off for five minutes and imagines a world where kittens have peacock feathers… Sigh, so pretty!*

day dreamers

3. You can’t see what the big deal is when people discuss their night dreams

Pfft, so passe - try dreaming with your eyes open, people. It opens up a whole new world. A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view...la la la.

4. That Aladdin was such a nice movie!

I wonder what it would be like to actually own a flying carpet. It would be so much cooler if that flying carpet could transport me into my dream world, and then I could visit all these amazing locations that I have conjured up!

day dreamers

5. You have, on more than one occasion, invented gadgets that would be very useful in the real world

Like, this AMAZING crystal ball that could make your daydream a reality!

6. When you share these AWESOME ideas with people, who call themselves your friends, you’re just met with ridiculous questions about functionality and feasibility...

Like, it exists in my dream, b*tches - don’t hate, just appreciate!

day dreamers

7. You often find people waving at your face while talking to you, vying for your attention...

Like, jeez. Sorry my mind is able to conjure up something more interesting than whatever it was you were saying!

8. The art of procrastination is one thing…

… but the ability to dream up an entire world in which you are rich, famous and basically queen of everything is where the money’s at!

day dreamers

9. People get all jittery while waiting for the sequels of movies and books

But you’re already on Hunger Games 5 in your mind! Spoiler alert: Game of Thrones and Hunger Games merge. #WOWZA

10. You don’t like to admit it, but Uday Chopra in Dhoom was basically your soulmate

You too, after all, have envisioned your entire life, babies and the like with someone you have met for all of five minutes.

day dreamers

11. For that matter, that song from Dil Chahta Hai, the one from 3 Idiots and...hmm, basically every dream sequence in Hindi movies is basically how you live your life

Imagination to the rescue!

12. Having a shower is your favourite time of day

Not only do you get to soapy-soapy-soap yourself up and sing out loud, but you also wander off into a world where your shower is in the Amazonian rainforest and you are actually bathing under a waterfall.

day dreamers

13. The phrase “Is there something more interesting happening elsewhere, miss?” has come your way on more than one occasion

And you hold your tongue with all your might to not bluntly reply, “yes”.

14. Reading this article is taking all of your concentration!

Must. Not. Drift. Off into alternate universe… Oops, too late!

day dreamers

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