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#Enough: 12 Things We Need To Stop Feeling Bad About!

#Enough: 12 Things We Need To Stop Feeling Bad About!

If there’s one thing we girls have in common, it’s the fact that we tend to hold on to things and feel bad about them very, VERY easily. Not only do we take even the little things to heart, we dwell on them way more than needed. Since we know this already, why don’t we put an end to it? That’s right, let’s do this together! Let’s say a big, loud ENOUGH – because it’s really time we stop feeling bad about the following things!

1. About spending time crying after your breakup!

Things just ended and it hurt. So you cried (a lot) – big deal! You’re human, at the end of the day. Cut yourself some slack, girl. stop feeling bad about

2. About that random aunty passing a comment on your weight

Let’s guess – she called you too fat or too thin? Obviously you didn’t like it. But you know what? She’s not worth even a minute of your day, and you’ve already spent several obsessing over her random remark. Think about it! stop feeling bad about

3. About getting drunk at your best friend’s birthday bash!

It was a landmark year, and if you won’t get drunk at your best friend’s birthday...who the hell will? Trust us, you’re going to look back and laugh at the whole thing (whatever little you can remember of it)! :-P stop feeling bad about

4. About that college you didn’t get into

Okay, we know how it feels when you set your sights on something and it just doesn’t materialize. But we also know that in the long run it’s not going to matter. Work hard, study, have a blast and live it up, no matter where you are. You have your ENTIRE life in front of you, and many more chances, opportunities and decisions left! stop feeling bad about

5. About having a huge crush on a douchebag!

Seriously, babe, you didn’t exactly know he’s a d-bag at the outset! (P.S.: We’ve ALL been there!) stop feeling bad about

6. About spending too much money last month

We won’t encourage this, because trust us, debt is not cool. But consider it a one-off and move on. No point obsessing over it - just plan better the next time! stop feeling bad about

7. About taking up a job that you eventually hated.

Sometimes in your career you have to do what you don’t like - to actually figure what you do like. Every job teaches you something, and we bet there’s a positive way to look at the whole experience. Don’t waste your time thinking about something that’s in your past! stop feeling bad about

8. About not trying harder to make that friendship work.

Don’t stress about the woulda-coulda-shouldas! If your friendship was meant to work out, it would have. Have some faith in the universe. Besides, who is to say, that friend might cross you path later in life...and that time, maybe you guys WILL make it work. stop feeling bad about

9. About not wanting to go drinking with your gang on a weeknight

Harsh truth, guys – growing up involves A LOT of tough calls! Sometimes they are things like missing a fun night out because you have a huge presentation the next morning. Honestly, nothing to feel bad about. Welcome to adulthood! stop feeling bad about

10. About fighting with your parents

Again, we won’t encourage this at all. But having said that, you should know it’s totally normal. You guys are a family, and families fight – that only goes to show that there’s soooo much love there! So stop feeling bad and go make it up to them already! stop feeling bad about

11. About not making better lifestyle choices

We all have those niggling fears and doubts about our not-so-healthy habits. But the solution isn’t to worry about it. In fact, stress is just going to worsen things! It’s never too late to start doing things right. If you were waiting for a sign to begin, consider this one! :-) stop feeling bad about

12. About believing that your soulmate is out there!

Every time we get hurt, or go through a breakup, we almost convince ourselves that true love is a myth. But deep down in our hearts, we are always hoping our Mr Right finds us. This doesn’t make you weak, or a dependant person. It just makes you someone who believes in love and the infinite power of the universe. So why feel bad about it? To tell you the truth, that’s what we are all looking for - someone to call our own for all of eternity. stop feeling bad about GIFs: giphy, tumblr MUST-READ: #Happy: 15 AWESOME Pick-Me-Ups Every Girl Should Know About! MUST-READ: 15 “Unladylike” Things ALL Women Do – Take That, World!
Published on Aug 10, 2015
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