9 Things EVERY Man Should Do To Get A Woman In The Mood!

9 Things EVERY Man Should Do To Get A Woman In The Mood!
There are a number of things guys can do to get a girl in the mood. Most men, however, tend to overlook these things and go in straight for the sex! Guys, if you want her to enjoy every bit of it, you have got to make an effort to get her in the mood! Here are a few things every man should do to get a woman in the mood!

1. Sex up the bedroom!

Do up your bedroom with candles, flowers, some mood music and even her favourite sheets. Put in an effort and make it special for her! No way that won’t get her in the mood! ;-)

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2. Make an effort with your appearance

She dresses up for you from time to time, right? Puts on your favourite dress when going on a date or your favorite lingerie in the bedroom! No reason you shouldn’t put in the same effort to look your best self for her! Seeing you groom yourself and take care of yourself for her is bound to turn her on!

3. Slow sensual touching

Get her in the mood by starting off slow. Slowly touch her all over her body! Work your way up while you’re kissing her. There are points on her body even she (probably) doesn’t know of that will turn her on and get her in the mood!

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4. Talk about sex, baby!

Just talking about sex (in the right way) can sometimes get a girl in the mood! Sext her, talk about how you can’t wait to make love to her when you see her. The anticipation itself will set things moving in the right direction!

5. Extend and get innovative with the foreplay

Prolong your foreplay and change your usual pattern a bit. Include a nice sensual massage or body rub (with some oil). Who wouldn’t get in the mood when she feels so relaxed and good?!

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6. Put on her favourite cologne

Smells are more powerful than we think. If she likes how you smell, you’re one step closer to turning your lady on. ;-)

7. Flirt your way in

Don’t just expect her to get in the mood without some flirty effort on your part. Woo her! Flirt with her. Show her just how attracted you are to her!

get her in the mood 7

8. Pay her a genuine compliment!

Not an exaggerated or made-up one. You’ll be surprised how many brownie points you can earn with a girl just by being your true genuine self. No faking it, boys!

9. Have an intelligent talk or debate

Yes, that's right. Engage her in an intelligent conversation. Debate an issue of interest with her. Nothing as important as stimulating the mind to get things going. Plus, all that heat from the debate will work in your favour!

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