15 Confusing Things That Boys Do - Just WHY??

15 Confusing Things That Boys Do - Just WHY??
Boys. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. But oh, we SO wish we could sometimes! Especially when we’re just exploring what’s likely to become of our relationship - or whether we’re even going to have a relationship!! Here are the most confusing things boys have done, leaving us utterly confused, making us wonder “WHY? Oh God, WHYYYY?!”

1. Flirts with you and meets you EVERY DAY for a week, then disappears.

When he’s back, expects you to act all normal.

confusing boys

2. Says he isn’t into you…

And then tells you that you shouldn’t be flirting with other people.


3. Chases you relentlessly, until you give in…

And then says, “Oh, but are you sure you’re ready for someone in your life?”


4. Tells you that it isn’t a date...

Then sends you a text saying he had “an amazing time tonight” and to “wish your mom happy birthday for me”. Uh huh. OKAY then.

confusing boys

5. Talks to you till 4 in the morning on the phone…

And then says: “What? Is this flirting?”


6. Tells you he loves you soooo much…

But that he isn’t really ready to commit.


7. Only ever drunk-calls you after midnight and asks to “crash” at your place…

And then complains about you being “cold” to him.

confusing boys

8. Gives you a low-down of everything that he does every day (even details of the food he eats)

And then is like: “I haven’t thought of you in that way, I thought we’re just good friends”!!


9. Tell you he’s okay with taking things slow since you’re still thinking about it...

Then takes you out for a surprise Teej function. With his whole family!


10. Visits you for two days from a different country altogether…

And then says: “Oh, but this is not a romantic situation!”

confusing boys

11. Sends you a text saying how much he misses you and you’re the best thing to have ever happened to him…

And then the next day posts a new FB profile picture with “Bae”.

confusing boys

12. Takes you out on multiple amazing dates.

Then introduces you as his “friend” to his other friends.

confusing boys

13. Calls and meets you only during the weekends.

And then assumes that you guys are exclusive.


14. Tells you he can’t wait to see you again.

But NEVER makes a plan.


15. Talks about his ex-girlfriends and the kind of girlfriend he would like to have (who sounds a lot like YOU)

Then hits on a girl who is the complete opposite!

confusing boys

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