17 Things You'll Get If You Eat, Breathe, LIVE Bollywood!!

17 Things You'll Get If You Eat, Breathe, LIVE Bollywood!!
If Bollywood forms a part of your life - okay, who are we kidding? If Bollywood forms a HUGE part of your life…no, wait, scratch that! If Bollywood is basically bae, you are totally going to relate to this one!

1. When your friend is talking about some big decision, the need to interject and say “Jaa Simran jaa, jee le apnzi zindagi” is too, TOO real.

diehard bollywood fan 1

2. When your friends or family need a choreographer for a Sangeet dance, they all turn to you. Because, duh, of course you know all the latest Bollywood numbers and all the steps too!

diehard bollywood fan 2

3. When a movie you’ve been waiting for is about to hit theatres, you almost feel like something HUGE is about to change in your life. The excitement is palpable!

diehard bollywood fan 3

4. When you’re having a good, confident and happy day, you can’t help but think to yourself “Main apni favourite hoon!”

diehard bollywood fan 4

5. You not only love watching movies, but could watch Koffee With Karan and award shows like IIFA just about ANY time.

diehard bollywood fan 5

6. You are pretty certain you follow more Bollywood stars than regular celebrities on Twitter and Instagram.

diehard bollywood fan 6

7.  There are some dialogues you say so often that they just become part of your daily vocab.

diehard bollywood fan 7

8. You hate it when people challenge your Bollywood knowledge - like, Bro, aukaad mein reh!

diehard bollywood fan 8

9. You love Bollywood music so much that certain songs become like the soundtrack to your own life!

diehard bollywood fan 9

10. You have considered the possibility of a relationship with your guy bestie at least once in the past, because Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Tum Nahin Samjhoge! Bollywood Influence, FTW!

diehard bollywood fan 10

11. You have felt actual panic when two big movies are releasing on the same day and you don’t know which to watch first! #ImportantDecisions.

diehard bollywood fan 11

12. You love filmy gossip and you are known to talk about them like they are your buddies! “So, did you guys hear about Sid and Alia?”

diehard bollywood fan 12

13.Your weekends are inevitably spent watching one of your favourite movies on Sony or SetMax. No, it doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it a million times!

diehard bollywood fan 13

14. That moment when you are out clubbing with your friends and right at the end when the DJ switches to Bollywood…

diehard bollywood fan 14

15. You have at least once in the past got some filmy dream that involved a Bollywood star! :P

diehard bollywood fan 15

16. When your parents ask you about your marriage plans, you pretty much zone out and start dreaming about Ranveer Singh! (Also, he doesn’t know it yet, but the two of you are totally meant to be!)

diehard bollywood fan 16

17. People say you are filmy, but really, is there any other way to be?

diehard bollywood fan 17

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