The REAL Reason We Fight Most With The People We Love!

The REAL Reason We Fight Most With The People We Love!
“Why would you fight with me if you love me?” If that’s a question you’ve been asked, or one that’s bothered you often - you’re just like the rest of us! Studies have shown that a person DOES indeed fight more with the people he loves, and we are going to tell you the real reason behind it being so! (Psst! The next time you have a stupid fight with your boyfriend or your brother or your bestie, just send them the link to this story and tell them how it actually means that you really, really love them!)

1. You tend to speak your mind out without any fear of being judged!

Your emotions can have a field day around the people you love, because you feel like you don’t need to filter or sugarcoat anything. You feel your aggression is “safe” around them.

1- fight with someone you love

2. You expect them to put your needs at as high priority as their ones

You know they are the people whose needs you would keep above your own, and you kinda expect that they’ll do the same for you! So that one day your sister takes the car to the gym and you have to come back from college by auto … Bam! How could she?

3. You know them all too well!

And can’t resist using their past mistakes as brownie points simply to win the argument!

3 fight with someone you love

4. You REALLY value your relationship with them

Why else would you waste all that energy and emotion in trying to work each one of your conflicts out? After all, no healthy relationship can be built on the silent treatment, right?

5. You care too much to ever walk away

You’d rather bear the pain of going through the daily fights than live like you don’t give a damn! Plus, while fights are disruptive, more often than not they result in solutions that make for a better relationship.

5 fight with someone you love

6. You are brutally honest with them - in a way that you can’t be with the rest of the world

You often blurt out harsh truths that hurt, but all you really want is lay out the reality exactly as it is, without any sugarcoating. After all, you’re just trying to save the person you love from getting hurt. They might think you’re their worst critic, but actually you’re their best cheerleader.

7. You have lower tolerance for unintentionally annoying things they do

When it comes to the rest of the world, you have to filter what you really think - after all, that random neighbourhood uncle who kept shaking his leg and the whole table, you couldn’t really say anything to him. But if your brother does that, NO mercy!

7 - fight with someone you love

8. At times, all you need is some extra attention

Yes, you might be fighting with your mom just because of what a horrible day you had at work (and couldn’t fight it out with your boss) - but what you’re really trying to say is “Mummy, ice cream chahiye, pleeeease!” A little love and pampering - who doesn’t want that?!

9. You know they’ll love you irrespective of any fights you pick!

Yeah, they’ll give it right back to you when you ARE fighting. But chances are they will, after a while, sit you down and reason things out and do everything possible to make you feel better. #UnconditionalLove

9 fight with someone you love

10. And honestly, your life will be far less interesting minus the drama of roothna-manana!

Let’s just hold Bollywood responsible for making us all such dramebaaz creatures! Tiny tantrums never hurt anyone - all we want is to be just manaao-ed a little!

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