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#InsideStory: 5 Bra Secrets For The A Cup Ladies!

#InsideStory: 5 Bra Secrets For The A Cup Ladies!

Most of the bra advice you find online is quite limited to women with an average cup size. In India, that’s about a C or a D. So what about the girls with smaller busts? Don’t we deserve some tips too?! Yes, you do - and if you are an A cup (or something close), then here are some secrets we’re spilling. You have to know them ALL!

1.You DO need one!

 a cup bra 1 Contrary to popular belief, just because you have small boobs doesn’t mean you don’t need a bra. The support that it provides is essential, yes, EVEN for an A cup. Plus, it totally changes how some clothes look on you. Besides, when you’re working out or going running, even the slightest bit of jiggle is going to be bothersome! POPxo Recommends: Enamor All Lace Non-Padded Wirefree Bra (Rs 750)

2.  Go wire-free!

 a cup bra 2 No matter your cup size, the wire serves a purpose - of giving the bust a rounder shape. But in your case, you can afford to give that uncomfortable thing a miss, given that sagging is only a minor concern for you. It’s WAY more comfortable to go about your day without a wire poking at you - so yay! POPxo Recommends: Enamor Floral Fun Cut n Sew Wirefree Bra (Rs 495)

3. The right amount of padding

 a cup bra 3 Just because you’re an A cup doesn’t mean you have to go for the Level 4 push-ups, despite what the shop assistant would have you believe. Find the right amount of padding that give your boobs structure and flatters your figure, and stick with it. If you don’t feel the need for padding, though, you can totally just go without it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
POPxo Recommends: Enamor Non-Padded Wired Bra with Printed Side Wings (Rs 550)

4. Bralettes are for YOU!

a cup bra A super-athletic sports bra is great but even a  lounge bralette will do the job for you. And have you seen those gorgeous lace triangle bras hitting the market right now? You’re just the person who can carry them off with ease! POPxo Recommends: Jockey 2 Way Lounge Bralette (Rs 239), Scalloped Lace-Trim Bralette (Rs 479)

5. Give the bra a miss!

 a cup bra 5 There are of course those clothes that make wearing a bra a real pain. Why wear a tight strapless when you can get away with just nipple covers? More power to you if you already do this from time to time! Because honestly the feeling of going about town without a bra (and without anybody noticing) is just the best! POPxo Recommends: Lucy Secret Silicon Nipple Cover (Rs 325)
Featured Image: Shutterstock
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Published on Aug 17, 2015
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