#GadgetGirl: This Is The Phone We Are LUSTING After! | POPxo
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#GadgetGirl: This Is The Phone We Are LUSTING After!

#GadgetGirl: This Is The Phone We Are LUSTING After!

We love gadgets! With a wishlist of must-have features running into a page long, it’s hard to find a phone that meets our demands without bankrupting us. We need the extra cash to fuel the shoe-handbag obsession, maintain the social life and still manage a bit of savings, right? We already raved about how much we LOVE the PHICOMM Passion 660! With its amazing features, it was hard to miss and even harder not to want! Well, we’re all in luck. PHICOMM’s fabulous new model Energy 653 is ideal for anyone looking for an option that is light, super user-friendly and, most importantly, has great battery life! Oh and how could we possibly miss out on it’s fantastic front and back camera! And stylish too! Read on to find out just why you simply NEED one!

1. It’s sleek appearance (and such great value for money!)

We all want a phone that looks AMAZING without having to spend a pretty packet! The PHICOMM Energy 653 is the perfect example. It looks like a million bucks, yet only costs Rs 5,000. Now that’s what we call great value for money! It is sleek, smart and slender. There is just no going wrong with a phone like that! phicomm energy 653 review

2. Size matters (as does clarity!)

Its 5-inch HD touchscreen only makes this phone even more appealing! Not only is the screen a great size, it is also as a result super clear! No more straining your eyes to read that text, or analyse that picture of your guy you saw yesterday. :-P phicomm energy 653 review

3. The best camera ever! (Hello, beautiful Snapchat pictures!)

Besides the most fantastic back camera, the front camera too will blow your mind! Say hello to the most clear selfies you’ve ever seen! Whether you’re looking for a wide angle shot, an on-the-move picture (motion/ action shot), a timed-selfie, or just a fab picture for your Snapchat story, you can be sure that your pictures will be envy-worthy. Say cheese!
phicomm energy 653 review

4. It’s built-in editing features and filters! (No more wasting time downloading other editing apps!)

As if just getting the most amazingly clear pictures wasn’t enough, this phone also has a variety of built-in editing options and filters! Whether you want to edit, add effects or quirk up your pictures with beautiful filters, this phone lets you do it all!

5. It’s a mini home-theatre! (Binge-watch those multiple  TV shows all weekend long!)

Think of it as your personal TV on the go! Be it obsessing over POPxo’s YouTube channel or those fun shopping haul videos from your favourite vlogger or some entertainment while you hit the treadmill, this phone will have you sorted! phicomm energy 653 review

6. Super-duper battery life... (Text your crush all day if you want!)

You can click selfies, chat all you want, WhatsApp as much as you like, browse Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and still be sure that your phone battery will survive the day! Yes, the PHICOMM Energy 653 has amazing battery life in addition to all of its awesome features.
* This is a sponsored post for PHICOMM. Follow PHICOMM on Facebook.
Published on Aug 25, 2015
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