Please Prepone & Revert! The Most MISUSED English Words Ever

Please Prepone & Revert! The Most MISUSED English Words Ever
It gives us great pride and joy (and sadistic pleasure, really) to point out the common mistakes we’ve all been making when it comes to the speaking English language. So while the Grammar Nazi in us is having a field day, you be a good child and learn something new – remember, it’s never too late to start doing something right! Oh, and did we mention, good grammar is *such* a turn on? Now go – shoo – scram – study!

1. Literally

What you think it means: Figuratively, used as an exaggeration!

What it really means: Actually. (Quite the opposite of how it’s commonly used)

We all literally make the same mistake!

misused English words 1

2. Revert

What you think it means: Reply

What it really means: Restore to original state

“Please revert back to this message.” Umm, NO. Just No!

Psst! You know what else is not a word? Revertal! *Gags*

misused english words 2

3. Bemused

What you think it means: Amused

What it really means: Puzzled or confused

We are thoroughly amused at your interpretation of “bemused”!

misused english words 3

4. Irregardless

What you think it means: Without regard

What it really means: HOGWASH! (Which means it isn’t really a word)

Irregardless of whether you already knew that, fret not – because there’s a perfectly acceptable word we can use in place of it. Regardless, anyone?

misused english words 4

5. Issue (India special!)

What you think it means: Children

What it really means: Problems or disputes

Okay, we concede! The word “issue” is the legal word for children, but have you ever really heard anyone use it? Except in India, where people proclaim “She has no issues” and look sad! Umm, wait – isn’t that a good thing? *Confused face*

misused english words 5

6. Prepone

What you think it means: To move ahead of time; the opposite of postpone

What it really means: Indians invent words! :P

Prepone was not a real word until Indians got around to re-scheduling their meetings - and energetically too. However, that one makes SO much sense that we're quite happy with it.

misused english words 6

7. Underconfident

What you think it means: Lacking confidence, diffident

What it really means: Nothing - it’s a made-up word!

No prizes for guessing how this word came about being used, but next time don’t be diffident about your knowledge of the language. Yes, you can proudly let it be known that underconfident isn’t really a word!

misused english words 8

8. Bonus: A few India-special phrases!

“Convent-educated”: A convent-educated girl in India is a desirable bahu candidate. Elsewhere, she's a novitiate nun.

misused english words phrase 1

"Out of station”: We use this one so commonly, we almost don’t know what to say instead of it! But it does NOT mean "away from home" to anyone who is not Indian. We are NOT trains, people, we are not trains.

misused english words phrase 2

“I could care less”: That means that you do care! So why pretend like you don’t? The correct thing to say is: “I couldn’t care less” – which means it doesn’t matter to you at all!

misused english words phrase 3


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