Shy About Making The First Move? Here's How to Get It Right!

Shy About Making The First Move? Here's How to Get It Right!
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Sometimes in life, you don’t get what you want until you stand up and ask for it! And this is applicable for the men in our lives too. If you like that cute guy, you might as well approach him instead of waiting around for him to walk up to you. But we get it - the act of walking up to someone and exposing your thoughts can be intimidating. So, we thought we’d help you gather up some courage, with our easy-peasy seven-step guide!

Step 1: Let’s start with dropping some subtle hints

Have a little fun and flirt with him! Laugh when he says something funny, tease him a bit, make eye contact and occasionally send him sweet little texts. All you need to do is shower him with a little attention to get your message across.

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Step 2: And then come the not-SO-subtle hints

By now, he may or may not be reciprocating your approach. If you’re leaning towards “might not”, we think it’s time to brace yourself for a more direct approach. Don’t get nervous just yet - we tell you exactly how to go about it!

Step 3: Do your research

Do a little background check on him and find out about his likes and dislikes. Be the modern-day detective and stalk him on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever rocks his boat). Figure out who he likes to party with, what he spends his weekends doing, et al. This will give you a good idea of what to propose doing when finally contemplating date options!

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Step 4: Pick a place and ask him to join you

If your research reveals that he loves sports, propose going out for a fun evening of bowling or paintball. If he’s someone who’d rather be found in a club, invite him over to go clubbing with your group of friends. When you invite him to join you in doing something you and your friends already have planned, he won’t take it as too overt a signal, but will still get the hint. And if you still haven’t decided where or how to go about it, here’s an amazing way out: you’re just in time for the “First Move Party” that CloseUp is launching for college students on 19 August (Delhi) and 28 August (Mumbai). The party involves some fun activities that you and your crush could indulge in together. So, invite him! Just say: “This seems interesting. Do you wanna give it a shot?”. Could be a good excuse to get closer, couldn’t it? ;)
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Step 5: Ready yourself for D-Day

There’s nothing as endearing as a smile. So, we recommend you prepare for that perfect smile with CloseUp deep-action toothpaste, which will help you smell fresh for long. Go ahead, flaunt those pearly whites!

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Step 6: Decide on your dress beforehand

Trust us, you don’t want to get stuck in the “What should I wear? Good lord, I have nothing to wear!” loop just before stepping out for that special night. So, decide beforehand, and make sure you don’t overdo it - of course you want to wear that pretty dress, but only as long as it’s comfortable and lets you be yourself through the evening.

Step 7: Wear your confidence and approach him already!

You're ready, and you have no reason to feel anything but confident. When you do confront him, don’t let those fluttering butterflies in the tummy or those trembling knees lead your astray from your goal. Just walk up, flash that pretty smile and put him under your spell!

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