makeup for darker skin tones

Hello, Gorgeous! 6 FAB Makeup Tips For Darker Skin Tones

Priyanka Ghura

Beauty Editor

Who said fair is lovely? Don’t pay heed to women at makeup counters trying to sell you “fairer” foundations, girl - embrace your gorgeous skin tone instead. We give you some fab makeup tricks for medium to darker skin tones. Follow this guide to help you accentuate your beautiful colour.

1. NEVER Use Lighter Foundations (Or Any Other Base Makeup)

The right foundation sets the theme for a flawless look. Wearing lighter foundations will never make you look good, trust us; instead they will make you look older and your skin ashy. One cardinal rule is to buy a foundation and even a concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly - follow it like the Holy Grail. The next time you’re buying a foundation, try it on your forehead and jawline and not the back of your hand or wrist to see exactly how it would look on your face.

If you have oily skin, use a matte foundation; and if you have dry skin, use a creamier formula. Some of our favourite foundations that offer great coverage and come in a variety of shades for you to choose from are Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation, Mac Studio Fix Foundation and Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation.

If you use setting powder, make sure it matches your skin colour too. Before you buy it, take a selfie using the flash to see if it makes your skin look unnaturally white.

makeup for darker skin tones

2. Choose The Right Blush

It’s tricky to find a blush that compliments dusky skin well. Bright pinks and mauve pinks look too harsh and unnatural. What you should use are deeper pinks, dark peach, wines and even browns to help bring some flattering colour to your skin and make it stand out. Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush and NYX Cream Blush are available in shades that are perfect for you.

3. Add Some Drama To Your Eyes

Did you know that a smoky eye looks especially good on darker skin? You lucky thing, it is almost every girl’s favourite makeup move after all! Make sure the shades you’re using – one lighter one and one darker one are from the same colour family - and blend them well.

If you love experimenting with eye shadows, your skin tone is great for trying a variety of colours. Make your peepers pop on your next night out with violet, green, gold, copper and blue. Metallic shades look fab on you. Try Revlon Colorstay Shadow.

makeup for darker skin tones

4. Brow Power

Gone are the days of thin brows; today it’s all about thick, defined eyebrows, and no one can rock them better than a dusky girl. Trust us, they look the best with your skin tone - even Cara Delevingne will be jealous. Use this quick trick to accentuate them: just dab a bit of white eyeshadow under the arch to make them look more defined and dramatic.

5. Red Lips For The Kill

Red lipstick was practically made for darker skin tones! They look the best on you because they add colour and drama without making the rest of your face look super-pale. Whether it’s an orangey-red or a brick red, you can rock them like no one else. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks come in amazing shades of red. Corals, nudes and mocha shades also look amazing on you. Going simple and just sticking with a clear lip gloss is a good way to make your gorgeous skin stand out.

makeup for darker skin tones

6. A Few Things You Should Avoid

  • Frosty lip colours - they won’t flatter you or your skin tone.

  • Bronzers - you already have what they do naturally. Only use them if you want to look more tanned.

  • Applying your base with your fingers - a foundation brush or a clean, damp sponge will give you a more natural, flawless-looking finish.

  • Bright pink - whether it’s pink eye shadow or pink blush, be wary of trying bright pink unless you find a shade that really suits you.

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Published on Aug 03, 2015
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