How To Fall In Love With Yourself (Before Loving Anyone Else!)

How To Fall In Love With Yourself (Before Loving Anyone Else!)
Since we were little, we've been taught that it’s important to love ourselves. What does this really even mean? Well, today we dwell a little on the most important relationship you have in your life. That’s right - the one you have with yourself! Before you even fall for someone, fall for yourself – you are so, SO worth it. Go on, read, imbibe, feel good, be happy. :-)

1. Trust your choices

We girls have a tendency to be overly critical of our choices. This leads to a lot of over-analysing and what-ifs! If we just learn to trust our own choices a little, we’ll feel more at peace with ourselves.

1 - loving yourself

2. Don’t let negative energy surround you

We are constantly at the risk of being surrounded by negative influences or toxic people. Can we always help this? Not really. But what we can definitely do is phase out or cut out all negative things in our life slowly. What helps is being aware when there is negative energy and not getting bogged down by it!

2 - loving yourself

3. Listen to your instincts

A girl’s instincts are her real best friends! Trust your instincts, they always have your best interests in mind. Besides, they’ll be there for you whenever you need – for real!

3 - loving yourself

4. Laugh at your own jokes

Truly loving yourself is not checking your face in the mirror a 1,000 times a day. It’s finding yourself truly funny and witty! It’s laughing at your jokes before anyone else us, it’s not weird. We do it all the time! ;-)

4 - loving yourself

5. Do what makes YOU happy!

Really, we can’t stress on this one enough! Do whatever truly makes you happy. Date whoever you want, choose an unconventional career, dance in the rain – whatever floats your boat, do it! The happier your heart, the more love you can give and get. Everybody wins, really. Especially you.

5 - loving yourself

6. Eliminate fear

Don’t be scared all the time. Face your fears. Be the brave lioness you were born to be. Remember always – no guts, no glory!

6 - loving yourself

7. Say goodbye to boredom

Don’t be one of those people who get bored really easily. Keep finding things to do that challenge you and entertain you. You know what they say, na? Only boring people get bored!

7 - loving yourself

8. Discover new facets to your own personality!

As you grow, life teaches you many lessons.  As a consequence of that, we wouldn’t say that you change but you certainly evolve! And this is a very good thing. Treat yourself as a lifetime project and strive for awesomeness! Keep discovering yourself through life, and people will keep wanting to discover you too!

8 - loving yourself

9. The biggest love of your life...

...should be you! When Geet said in Jab We Met, “Main apni favourite hoon”, didn’t it bring a smile to you face? In that moment, we all collectively fell in love with this girl who was so happy to be herself. Well, then, time to make life imitate art. Learn to love yourself dearly and watch how you will soon attract love into your life. Trust us though, girls, boyfriends come and go...the most rocking love affair is the one we have with ourselves, all through our wonderful lives!

9 - loving yourself

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