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7 Little Tests We ALL Secretly Put Our Guys Through (Shhh!)

7 Little Tests We ALL Secretly Put Our Guys Through (Shhh!)
We know it sounds quite bad! And that's the reason we don't like to admit that we do this. But let's face it: we do secretly put men through tests. Not like walk through this fire, or jump from this balcony kind, but some little (harmless!) ones that they don't even realize they're passing (or sometimes failing), most of the time! And here's a list of them that you might be able to relate to!

1. The Best Friend Test

The first time you make the potential future boyfriend meet your best friend is the most important of all tests. Just leave them alone for 5 minutes to talk, and it'll be really clear from the conversation (which you will get a word-for-word recap of) if he's worth your time. Best friends know best, DUH.

how women test men

2. The Hot Friend Test

Oh, you know this one only too well! We all have that one really hot friend whom the boys just can't seem to resist! It's always very entertaining to let her meet the boy in a casual group setting. By the end of the night, if numbers have been exchanged, you know you might want to hold on to your heart. how women test men

3. The Food Test

He chose the venue for the dinner date? Ask him to order for you! This test can really make or break the deal, girls, at least for foodies like us. If you get stuck with a salad, well, ask if that's just the first course - if it’s not, get the hell out of there! how women test men

4. The Birthday Gift Test

Don't give him any subtle (or not so subtle) hints as to what you want him to gift you on your birthday! If he comes up with something thoughtful and meaningful, super brownie points! And him checking with your friends about what you would like is totally allowed. how women test men

5. The Laughter Test

If you ever plan to have a future with the guy, you know you need to be able to share laughs with him. If he doesn't laugh at the same jokes that you find funny, well, is there really any point in pursuing him anymore? Probably not.
how women test men

6. The Likes & Dislikes Test

Sure, they say opposites attract and all that, but you at least need some common ground, right? So if you like sci-fis and he likes historical movies - well, that's all well and good. You might even end up trying something you never thought you would and really like it. BUT he needs to be open to suggestion. So ask him out for the latest sci-fi and see how he responds! how women test men

7. The Heels Test

Us girls, we love our heels. How is it our fault if the roads of India are just not made for them?! So wear your stilettos out with him, stumble a little bit - and if the thing you hear first is "Why do wear heels if you can't walk in them?" then just shoo him away. Offers you his arm for support? Hold on and don't let him get away! how women test men GIFs: tumblr, giphy  MUST-READ: 8 Times In Life We KNOW Men & Women Are From Different Planets MUST-READ: 14 Things Men DON’T Realize Women Notice About Them!