How To Make Your Old Wardrobe Pay For Your NEW One (YAY!!)

How To Make Your Old Wardrobe Pay For Your NEW One (YAY!!)

Remember that stunner of a dress you wore for your friends’ birthday party? The one that’s now gathering dust in a forgotten corner of your closet? ‘Course you don’t. We’re sure there are a million other things in there that may just never make the cut. Ever! So, why waste closet space over them? Here’s how to earn a quick buck while making way for newer, trendier, likelier-to-be-worn garments!

1. Resell on e-commerce sites

With an abundance of websites like, and, there is no dearth of platforms to sell your old clothes. Of course, we don’t mean the completely ragged hand-me-downs even your cat would claw at. Instead, things that are in good shape and have maintained their structure over time can go up for sale. Just photograph them well and provide as many details as possible (the fabric, size, washing instructions, age, etc). You end up with heavier pockets and the seller ends up with a good bargain. Win-win! pay for new clothes 3

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2. Try online selling services

Instead of doing all of the work yourself, you can get someone to do it for you! You just have to let them know when you’re ready to part with your precious and then they take care of everything. They’ll do a standard quality check of course and then proceed to photograph it and put it up on their website for sale. When someone does buy something of yours, you can redeem it for credit on their website for cash. Get rich, just don’t die trying - look up! pay for new clothes 4

3. Let friends know

Been living the hermit crab kinda life all season? Time to ditch the shell and get selling. The first rule is to market yourself well. Get onto social media and let everyone know what your plans are. Direct them to the sites you’re selling on. A person who trusts you is more likely to buy your product as opposed to visitors on the site who don’t know you at all. The more people you know, the more hits you get. pay for new clothes 1

4. Play “fair”

Keep track of the fairs happening in your city. This step includes being glued to the event listings in your daily newspapers and checking sites like for up-to-date information on the events around you. The annual fair at the DSOI Club in Delhi, for example, lets you put up a stall for a nominal price if you know someone who is willing to nominate you (friends from the Army please stand up!). Similarly, religious fairs charge a small token amount to let you set up a kiosk to sell out of. With the amount of footfall these fairs get, you’ll be sold out before you know it! pay for new clothes 5

5. Re-style it

Buyers are hard to come by? Re-style your old clothes to give them a new look. You’ll find great ideas on on how to reuse old garments. You could even go scissor crazy and cut up two garments to make one brilliant piece that is hard to resist. If you really like what you’ve created, you’re saving money on new clothing anyway, and if you don’t like it enough, you can sell it to the many hipsters lurking around the corner.

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6. The cross-city swap

Not willing to part with your clothes to complete strangers? Swap them with a friend or a cousin who’s the same size as you! And if you do it with someone who lives in a different city, no one will even know that your spanking new wardrobe isn’t actually brand-new. The best part? You can always exchange things back. :-) pay for new clothes 2 Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: #ClosetDiaries: 5 Amazing Looks With Stuff You ALREADY Own! MUST-READ: #ClosetDiaries: Should It Stay Or Go? 7 Tests To Find Out!