Get A Sexy Back With These Simple Back Exercises!

Get A Sexy Back With These Simple Back Exercises!
Which of us wouldn't give a lot to have a sexy back? The kind that makes a sari blouse and a halter top look so fine! Remember, ladies, you can get anything you want if you set your mind to it. The same goes for a toned and a magnificent-looking back. We tell you how you can achieve that without even lifting up a dumbbell! These simple back exercises will not only help you get rid of back fat, it will also tone your back muscles as well. Here we go!

Back Workouts 1: The Trusty Push-Ups


Push-ups are great back exercises that help to tone chest, back and arm muscles. Doing push-ups on a regular basis is bound to help you burn fat gradually. Your muscles with become stronger, and you become fitter and twice as flexible as you were before. 

Step 1 - Get a yoga mat out, and place your body in the push-up pose.

Step 2 - Place your hands firmly on the mat, and keep them wider than your shoulders.

Step 3 - Ground your toes into the mat to balance the lower half of your body.

Step 4 - Now push your body upwards and bring it slowly downwards.

Step 5 - Don’t stop till you do at least 10 push-ups.

Back Workouts 2: Pull-Ups To The Rescue


The best thing about back exercises like pull-ups is that they tone every muscle on your back, and they make your arms strong and sculpt your upper back too. Step 1 - Grab onto a bar firmly.

Step 2 - Pull yourself upwards till your chest touches the bar. (We know it's difficult, but you can get there with practice!)

Step 3 - Hold that position for 5 seconds and slowly lower yourself back down.

Step 4 - Repeat at least 5 times.

Back Workouts 3: The Effective Bridge


The bridge is one of those back exercises that can do wonders by toning the muscles on your booty, back and core. It makes your body strong and burns fat quickly. What’s awesome is that it is extremely easy to do!

Step 1 - Place a yoga mat and lie flat on it.

Step 2 - Now, slowly lift your buttocks and keep your back firmly pressed against the floor.

Step 3 - Hold that position for 10-15 seconds.

Step 4 - After that, gently lower your body back to the ground.

Step 5 - Repeat 10-15 times.

Back Workouts 4: Try Back Extensions


If you want to look hot in that backless dress, you’ve got to be prepared to work it! One of the most effective back exercises is the back extensions. They’re great at burning back fat and making back muscles toned and strong. 

Step 1 - Lie flat on your tummy, keeping your arms on your sides, parallel to your body.

Step 2 - Now, slowly raise your head and chest off the ground. (No pressure. Don’t strain your body.)

Step 3 - Hold that position for 15-20 seconds.

Step 4 - Then, lower your head and chest back to the ground.

Step 5 - Repeat 10 times.

Back Workouts 5: Try The Cat & Camel Exercise


If you do these back exercises on a regular basis, you’re bound to get a toned, fit and a beautiful-looking back in no time! It’s simple to do, and really effective in getting rid of back fat.

Step 1 - Stand in an “all fours” position.

Step 2 - Now arch your back in such a way that is resembles a camel’s back.

Step 3 - Hold that position for 10-15 seconds.

Step 4 - Now, gently lower your belly down so that your back turns into a “U” shape.

Step 5 - Just how a cat stretches, bend your head down and hold that position for 10-15 seconds.

Step 6 - Repeat 10 times.

Back Workouts 6: Use A Jumping Rope


Using a jumping rope as one of the back exercises to burn back fat fast is a great idea! This cardio workout is perfect for increasing heart rate, toning arms and burning not just back fat, but trimming your tummy as well.

Step 1 - Stand up straight, keep your knees relaxed and pick up the rope

Step 2 -  Using your wrists, turn the rope.

Step 3 - Remember to turn the rope first, then jump!

Step 4 - Don’t stop till you do 40-50 jumps consistently.

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