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#MeTime: How To Get In The Mood WITHOUT His Help!!

Aisha Singh

Guest Contributor

So he's travelling. Or you are. Or he's just stuck in a video game marathon or a boys’ poker night. Or you have no boy in your life - and that's totally OKAY! Self-service (pun intended) is a fabulous thing. Here's how you get into the mood all by your awesome self! (And make yourself happy, of course!)

1. Set the atmosphere

Dim the lights. Light a few candles. It's all about setting the scene, right?

get in the mood 1

2. Unwind

Hop into the shower - or take a long leisurely soak in the tub. Use products that smell amazing. Slather on some luxurious body lotion. Take your time, think of it as a mini massage.

3. Get comfy

Pop on something cosy, something pretty - we are not recommending tatty PJs - remember your end goal here. Get comfy in bed (or your couch!).

in the mood 3

4. A little ambient music

Nothing soothes and relaxes like some mood music. Whether it’s some jazz you like or slow Bollywood melodies are more your jam - put that on.

5. Fancy some wine?

Or maybe a mojito. Or just some iced pomegranate juice. Just pour or mix yourself something you enjoy, something that not just eases you but also teases you a bit!

get in the mood 5

6. In the mood

Now think of what stimulates you. It could be a sultry movie, it could be a steamy book. If Mr Grey turns you on, then grab your dog-eared copy of 50 Shades. Basically, whatever inspires you!

7. Finally, get handsy

Now, we are pretty sure you can handle this part. Remember, it's all about the journey - not the just destination (which is also important!). So take your time and have fun. The more you get in tune with yourself, the easier it all gets!

in the mood 7

GIFs: Tumblr

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Published on Aug 28, 2015
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