#YouGoGirl: How To Be A Confident You ALL Day Long!

#YouGoGirl: How To Be A Confident You ALL Day Long!
The POPxo Team is a lot of things. We’re young, smart, driven, sometimes lazy (yes, yes, we admit it!), social media nerds, shopaholics, and seriously passionate media monsters! And the one thing we all have in common? You’ll see us all walk into our gorgeous Hauz Khaas Village office every morning with oodles of confidence, and at the end of a hard day’s work, stride out just as confident. Want to know our secret?

how to be confident

1. Dress for comfort, yet never compromise on style.

We’re pretty laid back, you’ll see kurtas and kolhapuris sitting at the conference table right next to Choos and pearls. Take confidence in your personal style, never giving in to fashion fads that you don’t feel comfortable in. Trust us, walk into a meeting feeling good about yourself - and there’s very little that can hold you back.

how to be confident

2. Take grooming seriously

Nope, we’re not suggesting being obsessive about a salon perfect blow dry, but please do take BO or chipped nails as seriously as we take our grammar checks and editorial meetings. Again, it’s all about feeling great about yourself, and admit it, peeling nail polish always makes you feel sloppy!

3. Take unwinding as seriously as you take working

True! Drop in to the POPxo office on the last Friday of every month for a glass of chilled Chablis or some good ol’ Kingfisher. No dressing up necessarily! Our day clothes get a bit of a tweak: throw on a pair of heels, switch a shirt for a strappy top, quick swipe of our fav shade of red lippy and we’re party ready! We’re unanimously big fans of the Lakmé 9 to 5 Longwear Nail Colours - super long-lasting and reliably chip resistant, so that’s one worry off our heads! No last-minute rushed touch-up jobs required!

how to be confident

4. Take pride in your work

It’s automatic. Love what you do, be dedicated to your job and be sure of yourself - the confidence will shine through. We’ve been told that we’re a bit obsessive about our jobs. Sure we are! Because seeing our brand grow from strength to strength, crossing milestones and beating expectations, is the world's biggest confidence booster!

5. Have a secret stash of magic cosmetics that you can depend on

Whether you swear by the effect that mascara has, or are a true-blue winged eyeliner champ, keep some cosmetics in your handbag that form your secret arsenal. For us, it is a travel-sized body mist, our trusty kajal and a neutral lip colour that helps us face the world with a brave face.

You can always touch up your makeup and hair before getting into an unscheduled meeting, or taking up a last-minute party invitation. But at such times, having flawless and perfect looking nails that will not chip is the ace up your sleeve! Choose from the amazing selection of Lakmé 9 to 5 Longwear Nail Colours to ensure long-lasting chip-free nails and vivid colours.

how to be confident

6. Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork

Strength in numbers, you see! When you feel your confidence levels are on slightly shaky ground, depend on your team to lift you right back up! Alone you may be nervous, but together you are invincible!

how to be confident

7. Make smart choices

Whether it is about taking up a better job offer, or transferring to another city or deciding what to wear to a conference to something as simple as picking what gorgeous shade of Lakmé 9 to 5 Longwear Nail Colours to wear, be decisive about your choices. Be sure of what you want, and that will have a direct impact on your confidence levels.

8. Smile with your eyes

Who can resist a girl with a genuine smile? Smile openly, unreservedly and honestly, and there’s really no holding you back, girl!

Photographs: Wonya Kazingmei

* This is a sponsored post for Lakme 9to5 Stylist.