How Romantic Are You? Your Star Sign Knows The Answer!

How Romantic Are You? Your Star Sign Knows The Answer!
Love… There are so many feelings to have about this magnificent feeling! But what does it do to you? Are you the type to get all teary-eyed when watching romantic movies?! Or are you more of a practical yet passionate type? What are the kinds of gestures that float your boat? Let’s find out as we discover just how romantic you are according to your zodiac sign!


how romantic are you

Yours is a love that is all-encompassing! Fiery and passionate all around, you love the idea of being in love - though, most don’t know this about you! Your red hot aura pulses with romantic energy, and when you find The One, you will know because that ball of energy that resides within you will get even hotter!


taurus how romantic are you

Love makes the world go round, doesn’t it, Taurus? Though you may never actually be heard saying this phrase, it’s what your heart believes, somewhere deep down! Your practical but sensual nature wafts its way in to the hearts of many! And, when you let yourself feel it too, you are happier and calmer, and it shows on your face!


gemini romantic gif how romantic are you

You have flirted with the idea of true love, on more than one occasion, Gemini! But then again, you like to flirt around with most big things before really taking them in as part of your philosophy! Love does something to you, though! Even when you are trying to ignore  it - those butterflies? They’re real! And you secretly love it all!


romantic cancer gif how romantic are you

Your imagination has been running wild with the idea of your one true love since you can even remember! Don’t ever let it stop - there is true love waiting for you, and your intuitive senses will guide you towards it! Yes, you might have to put yourself out there a bit more to get to it, but we know you’ll never stop believing!


leo how romantic are you

You are all about the spontaneous gestures, Leo! Whether it’s a 1 a.m. “Look outside your window!” serenade or an extravagant hot air balloon ride, your sign revels in the thought of showing and been shown just how much you are surrounded by love. You also have a sexy streak that comes alive when a touch of romance is in the air!


how romantic are you

No one knows why you don’t approach your romantic life with the same determination that you approach the rest of your life! Your must remember, Virgo, that just as you sail through most things effortlessly and with calm ease, similarly love awaits you! Take a leap of faith and surrender to being loved - you are more than worth it!


how romantic are you

Libra, your sign is born under the symbol of romance, and so it is no wonder that you are simply in love with the idea of love! The L-word means so much to you that you just can’t stay put without it. So when you are in love, you are genuinely in love - though you do have a tendency to wear your heart on your sleeve and be very impulsive! Given all your warmth, care and affection, though - your partner is usually equally smitten.


how romantic are you

You have a certain poise that allows you to retain an edge when it comes to love! Many fall for you without you even realizing - your effortless sex appeal oozes its way across into their hearts! When it does come to the real deal, though, you value simplicity, loyalty and honesty above all traits in a prospective romantic partner!


how romantic are you

Being a loved-up romantic at heart is somewhat a characteristic of your sign - and a charismatic one at that! But you are also a strong lover of the freedom in your life. Sometimes when you feel you have found the right person, something inside you might make you halt and refrain from taking things further. Don’t be shy - just listen to your heart!


how romantic are you

You strong, independent woman, you! Love is not something that you spend a lot of time thinking about - due to your busy bee lifestyle! But if someone does cross your path and make you look twice, you fall head over heels quite quickly! You're pretty damn hard to resist when you set your sights on somebody!


how romantic are you

You know that old saying: love at first sight? Well, that may as well have been made to describe how you feel about love, Aquarius - or rather how love feels about you! You value a mental connection with another person above other aspects of romance. Love comes your way often, just be sure to seize the opportunities rather than spend way too long assessing them!


how romantic are you

You are the ultimate romantic! Ruled by instinct and emotion, you know when you have met someone who makes you feel butterflies in your stomach. They make you feel so much, in fact, that those butterflies might as well be real and fluttering all over the place! Your vivid imagination takes over, and you just cannot control yourself! It’s endearing, but remember to be practical!

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