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Early 20s Vs Late 20s: THIS Is How Your Love Life Changes!

Smriti Notani

Guest Contributor

Love makes the world go round - and whether we like it or not – rules the better part of our youth! So, whether we are crushing on someone, pining after someone, nursing a breakup, falling in love, planning to get married or staying away from love - we are all pretty much obsessing over it, this way or that. The only difference is how we react to things as we grow older. Though we have to admit, no matter how old we become, when it comes to matters concerning love...dil toh baccha hai ji! :)

1. When you have a crush in your early 20s:

That heady rush, the butterflies, the talking to literally *all* your friends about it! *Sigh* Young love!

love in your twenties 1a

When you have a crush in your late 20s:

Cynicism, backed by “research” on the guy, coupled with trying to find out if he’s single (because 9 out of 10 times, they aren’t). Oh, and how could we forget - prayers that he shouldn’t be much younger than us!

love in your twenties 1 b

2. When you love someone who doesn’t love you back in your early 20s:

Why doesn’t he like me? This is so unfair! I hate you, life! I’m grumpy and I need my time to wallow.

love in your twenties 2a

When you love someone who doesn’t love you back in your late 20s:

I’m going to move on, but my heart literally hurts. Going to keep smiling for the world, though. Isn’t that what adulthood is all about?

love in your twenties 2b

3. When you go through a breakup in your early 20s:

The world seems to have ended. You even make promises to never love again, because it hurts too bad! You roll your eyes at couples who are madly in love and promise yourself you never want to date anyone – ever!

love in your twenties 3a

When you go through a breakup in your late 20s:

Sure, it hurts, and of course, it sucks! But it isn’t your first breakup. So, you already know that as bad as things seem right now, they will get better! Having said that, the fear looms large – will you ever find love again?

love in your twenties 3b

4. When you are in a flirtationship with someone in your early 20s:

OMG! This is so exciting! We could talk/text all day long and it just does not get boring!

love in your twenties 4a

When you are in a flirtationship with someone in your late 20s:

I like this guy, but if he’s into me...he better move things up a notch! I can’t just keep flirting all my life, you know.

love in your twenties 4b

5. When an ex texts you in your early 20s:

What an a******! He really thinks I want to be friends after everything that’s happened?

love in your twenties 5a

When an ex texts you in your late 20s:

How sweet and mature of him! I really think we could be friends, after all.

love in your twenties 5b

6. When you have sex in your early 20s:

Umm, okay, I guess we are a thing then! *Doing my happy dance*

love in your twenties 6a

When you have sex in your late 20s:

Whoa, baby - that was awesome! Now can he please wake up and get out? I have to get ready and leave for work!

love in your twenties 6b

7. When a guy friend makes a move in your early 20s:

You think about it, analyse if you’re attracted to him and eventually decide you should give it a shot!

love in your twenties 7a

When a guy friend makes a move in your late 20s:

Is he nuts? You guys have been through too much to throw it away because of one drunken night! Err, thanks, but no thanks?

love in your twenties 7b

8. When you discuss your love life in your early 20s:

Thorough post-mortem underway! You and your bestie plan a stay over, basically discuss every little detail of your love lives for hours on end, cry, hug and come to no particular conclusion – aside from the fact that boys suck and you both hate life!

love in your twenties 8a

When you discuss your love life in your late 20s:

Of course, you and the bestie still need to evaluate every tiny detail, much like you have always done. But sadly your analysis can’t be as detailed and thorough as before! So basically you two exchange texts while at work about your love problems, and pat come the succinct-yet-effective replies: “He sucks! You deserve better, my love!”

love in your twenties 8b

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Published on Aug 03, 2015
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