11 Things You'll TOTALLY Get If You Were A "Late Bloomer"!

11 Things You'll TOTALLY Get If You Were A "Late Bloomer"!
Puberty. Some of us got there early, and there were some of us who had to wait. QUITE a while. (And some of us sometimes suspect that we still just might have some ways to go!!) If you’re one of those girls who had to kind of wait in line for her body to catch up with her mind, this one’s for you! :-P

1. You would look at other girls with boobs and think “Whoaaaaa!”

Mera number KAB ayega?

puberty 1 late bloomer

2. It was SO annoying that guys would only want to be friends with your more “mature” classmates!

Hello, I might not have a well-developed bust, but I have a well-developed mind, you know!!

3. “OMG, how long do I have before I get those horrible pimples?!” is something you’d thought often.

Hey, at least your skin stayed totally soft and smooth for longer than your other friends’ - that’s a win right there!

puberty 3 late bloomer

4. Stuffing a bra? Been there, done that!

Don’t judge, people! I just wanted to keep up-to-date!

shopaholic 17

5. You sometimes felt like you’d walked into Through The Looking Glass!

Everyone was growing taller around you, while you kinda had to go, like, “Hello, I’m down here!”

6. While everyone was busy showing off the straps of their super-cute first bra, you were stuck wearing your Barbie baniyan for yonks.

At least it was pink! :-P

late bloomer

7. Mostly everyone you knew constantly made fun of your “baby” voice.

Oye! Way cuter than that shrill “teenage” giggle you guys had!

8. You actually pretended once to have gotten your period already - even though you hadn’t!

“All my friends have gotten theirs! Why haven’t I got it yet? I don’t wanna be left behiiiind!”

9. But then again, you didn’t have to get yourself waxed and bleached and generally ache all over since the age of 10!

YES! That’s the advantage of “delayed” puberty - not dealing with all THAT stuff!

puberty 9 late bloomer

10. All your friends would claim that making out with boys was what was making them “grow”...

“Okay. I need to get a boyfriend STAT.”

11. You were the MOST attentive student in your bio “The Human Reproductive System” classes!

JUST to know what to expect. Puberty, HAPPEN already, dammit!

puberty 11 late bloomer

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