9 Fights We ALL Have With Our Partners - But Really Shouldn't!

9 Fights We ALL Have With Our Partners - But Really Shouldn't!
No matter how strongly you feel about someone or how much you love them, there are no two people in the world who can always agree about everything all the time. However, you have to pick your battles and you have to figure out which ones are and are not worth making a big deal out of. We all have those big fights where we need days to recover after. And then there are fights over petty issues, which can and totally should be swept aside! Here are a few fights all couples have that really should not be made a big deal. Let it go!

1. The “You always do this” fight

Now, all of us know how annoying it can be when someone puts us in a category or constantly generalizes our behaviour! However, when we’re trying to make a point, we begin to resort to “you always do this” many times ourselves. It’s not worth it. Find a way to work around this one. If they “always” do something, then that’s probably the way they are; if it's just something you’re saying to show your annoyance, then you know it's not true anyway!

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2. The “You never want to have sex anymore” fight

Sex is an integral part of a relationship - we understand. However, fighting with your partner if you feel like you’re not as physically intimate as you were earlier will get you nowhere. It’s obviously not a great feeling if you think you’re partner isn’t as keen as he was before. But we’re sure there are other reasons if you feel that way. Talk to him about it. Fighting about this is no solution. Especially because you know it’s probably something else that is affecting this aspect of your relationship!

3. The “Whose music should we listen to” fight

Admit it, ladies - we’ve all fought about this at some point! What starts off as a silly battle over who ought to control the radio or the music system in the car soon turns into a full-on sulk fest. Honestly, though, this one is really petty and shouldn’t be dragged out longer than is absolutely necessary. Take turns and listen to both your music! We’re sure you’ll even find a few songs you both like! :-P

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4. The “You didn’t call me all day” fight

So he didn’t call you all day. Okay, we get it. It can be annoying if you’re used to things being a certain way and hearing from him regularly. But on the one-off that he doesn’t contact you, there’s no reason to wage war! And if this is something you end up fighting about, don’t let it last too long! You know it’s not such a big deal after all.

5. The “What to watch on TV” fight

Fight for the remote alright, don’t have a whole fight over it! Even if you do - because, hello, watching your favourite show on TV is important - don’t let it go on all night and the day! Make up before you sleep. You can always catch it online, you know!

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6. The “Your friends, my friends” fight

So you don’t like his friends and he doesn’t fancy yours? That’s fine! You like each other, right? You don’t necessarily have to hang out with people you don’t like. But don’t give each other flak for it!

7. The passive aggressive “Nothing” fight

And we don’t just mean when you say nothing is wrong. But when literally nothing is wrong. Nothing happened, but one of you lost your cool because of a misunderstanding or petty remark. Don’t make a big deal out of this one. Let it go and you’ll see how fast you can restore the calm!

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8. The “Where do you want eat tonight” fight

Ah, the fight over restaurants or where to go to hang out! We all go through this from time to time! Neither of us can really decide where to go and thus starts the fight over each other’s indecisiveness. Take our suggestion: give it a rest! Neither of you can decide. Open up an app like Zomato and get searching for a place to go to. Fighting is just a waste of time. Time in which you could actually be eating a delicious meal somewhere!

9. The “You’re running late” fight

We all run late from time to time! Definitely not worth something fighting over for a long stretch - unless you missed a flight! Everything else can wait a bit. :-)

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