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Busted! 9 Bra Myths You've GOT To Stop Believing!

Busted! 9 Bra Myths You've GOT To Stop Believing!
Wearing a bra is part of our daily routine, so you would imagine we know everything about them. But nope, not true. Even when it comes to our bras, we’re guilty of believing a few things that are nowhere close to facts. Here are a few fairly popular bra myths that you’ve GOT to stop believing!

1. Wearing a bra keeps your boobs perky

Nope, nada. Wearing a bra is to give your boobs support, and to keep the weight of them off your back entirely. If you’re wearing one in the hope that it’s gonna help you defy gravity, you’re probably only making yourself cranky without cause.

2. Wearing a bra to sleep keeps your boobs firm

Again, you’re going to get support, but no miraculous firming! Relax, and give your boobs a break from Boob Jail, okay?

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3. A white bra shows less under your clothes

Wearing a white shirt, every weekday for more than 5 years, teaches you a thing or two. And that is: don’t believe your mum when she tells you that a white bra won’t show under a white shirt! In fact, a flat band of white is going to show WAY more if the fabric of your outfit is even slightly translucent. You’re better off with a nude toned one that matches your skin tone, or even a black one!

4. It’s okay to wash bras in the washing machine

Well, technically, you can - using the “delicate” setting. But it’s not advised if you actually want your bras to last. There are tons of things that can go wrong - you underwire or pads can get bent out of shape, the elastic can wear off or the hooks might even tear at the lace. Hand-wash, girls, hand-wash!

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5. You can wear the same bra two days in a row, no problems

You could, but for the wellbeing of your bra, don’t! Sure, we have our favourites but for them to remain our favourites, they require a minimum of 24 hours of downtime after each wear. Also, you know, given the weather and the fact that your bra is soaking up sweat all day - for your own sake, just don’t!

6. You don’t need a sports bra for working out

Oh, yes, you do! Even if you work out very rarely, and might feel like it’s a waste to invest in one, trust us, it’s really not! Because of the excessive movement caused during a workout, it’s a must to give your boobs as much support as possible. Which they’ll get only from a sports bra!

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7. A change in weight does not change your bra size

How can it not?! If you gain or lose anywhere close to 2.5 kgs, your bra size will automatically change - our boobs are primarily fatty tissue, and the increase in fat overall increases the size of your boobs too! If your weight fluctuates often, you should make sure that you get sized regularly. Or you could even measure your size right at home.

8. A bra can last you many, many years

A good quality bra is meant to last for about a 100 washes, which (give or take) means about a year! After that, it really is time to let go, no matter how much you love it or spent on it. Bear in mind, a cheaper bra will last about a third of that time!

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9. Black bras cause skin problems/ cancer!

If you haven’t heard this one, consider yourself luckier than most. Like there weren’t enough absurd myths in the world! So, no, wearing black lingerie won’t cause any skin problems. Just make sure you’re buying a good quality bra from a store that ensures hygiene of its products, and you should be good.

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