Alia & SRK In A Movie Together: What COULD It Be About?!

Alia & SRK In A Movie Together: What COULD It Be About?!
Yes, we know you've read about the latest casting choice of Alia Bhatt against Shah Rukh Khan - and everybody is left wondering exactly what the plot of the movie could be?! Knowing Gauri Shinde, we're sure we're all going to happily surprised to say the least! But we can't help but wonder, so here are our guesses - and they’re pretttty wild!

(What are yours? We're dying to know!)

1. SRK is an action figure doll that Alia has, and comes to life to guide her to her life of stardom.

alia SRK

2. Alia is an adopted kid with strict adoptive parents, and she hires someone to play her dad when she gets into trouble in college - turns out that SRK is her real dad!!

3. SRK and Alia exchange bodies because they get struck by lightning. He has to live as a 17-year-old girl with a very strict daddy; she has to deal with a very angry wife and 2 teenage kids.

4. SRK has a daughter who LOVES music and her favourite singer is Alia Bhatt! He goes to great lengths to make his daughter meet Alia and get an amazing selfie with her!

alia srk

5. SRK plays a vampire, but his ageing shows. Alia falls in love with him anyway.

6. Alia is a vampire and looks forever young. This is unfortunate for her boyfriend SRK, since he looks more and more not-at-all-age-appropriate with every passing year.

alia SRK

7. SRK is a badmaash underworld don who is in a car crash and has a near-death experience. Enter, Alia, the good angel to help him sudhro-fy his life.

8. SRK is a world-renowned chef. Alia is very famous food blogger who leaves a very nasty comment about his food on her website. Then, they meet!

alia srk

9. SRK is actually from the future trying to save her life so that she doesn’t die and can lead the revolution against the machines.

10. Alia is confused about the love triangle she is stuck in at school. Enter SRK, the music teacher, to clear up the confusion.

alia srk

11. Alia is the reincarnation of SRK's mother. And oh! She still nags.

12. SRK is Alia’s best friend, he’s always there for her. They go through the movie and life together, only for SRK to lead Alia to visit a graveyard - where we see his name revealed on a tombstone. And then she wakes up.

alia SRK

14. Alia has a twin sister, Talia! And SRK is their new manny who can never tell the difference between them!

14. It’s a new superhero movie where SRK and Alia are just the first two members of the Bollywood Justice league to be revealed! Hello, franchise!

alia shahrukh superhero

15. SRK is an ageing actor who is being beaten out of the game by the new-age dancing heroes… Alia is his dance instructor who teaches him how to twerk.
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