#MyStory: A Letter To "The One" I'm Yet To Meet

#MyStory: A Letter To "The One" I'm Yet To Meet
Dear “One”,

I’m a bit unsure if I should be addressing you as “the one”. You have to understand, since I haven’t actually met you, the concept is a bit difficult to grasp. We see it in movies and read about it in books, but when it comes to reality, it's not totally black and white. I’m hoping that’ll change once you are in my life, though. I'm hoping I'll just know.

I’m seen my fair share of failed relationships, so I am a bit jaded. I’m guessing everyone goes through this phase. My parents didn’t have the happiest of marriages, and they still have their issues. My sister, on the other hand, found her soulmate before she even reached high school. So you can imagine why this whole love thing has been a bit confusing for me.


But I do feel like I’m meant to find love. And while I may start doubting my feelings sometimes, I’m hoping you’ll be there to make things clear when my head's a mess. And I promise to do the same for you.

I want you to be prepared, though. I will talk too much sometimes about things that don’t make any sense. I will challenge you and your opinions about things that matter. I will fight with you. And when I get tired of fighting, I might even resort to ignoring you. I can easily go from acting like a mature adult to whining like a 12-year-old who didn’t get her favourite candy. So it isn’t going to be all sunshine and roses. It’s going to be a gritty road, but I won’t leave your hand even when all I can do is stare daggers at you.

But you should know this: while I may be the cause of the many headaches you’re going to have in the future, I’ll also love you with all of my heart and probably more. I’ll make sacrifices where I can and adjustments to accommodate you when you aren’t comfortable with something. I’ll elbow my way to you when you need me and not leave your side when I know you can’t find the words to ask me to stay. I’ll be there. Through thick and thin.

I don’t know about you, but I might want to take things slow. Though I possibly won’t be able to tell you all of these things the first time I meet you, we’ll take it bit by bit, day by day. And I’ll let you in a little more and learn at least one new thing about you with each passing day - as I am sure you will about me. But I am telling you now: I’m not a girl who falls in love at first sight and suddenly makes her whole world about someone else. It might never be like that, but believe me, I really do want to share my world with you. And be a part of yours.


I’m not in a rush. I’m happy where I am right now. I’ve reached a place where I actually love myself and everything about myself. And I’ve managed to find some friends who truly adore me for all my quirks and crazy habits! We’ll meet when we have to, if we’re meant to - but until then, I’m gonna make sure I keep having a blast.

I don’t want to miss out on life while waiting on you, and I hope you’re doing the same.

Love later,


P.S.: I hope you’re a dog person. Just saying.

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